Thursday, February 19, 2015

BW ....Waking up-finally

 John Mckane with wife Cindy. His son and black daughter in law.

Well its 2015! A whole new year and hopefully to the smarter ladies, a whole new life.  Welcome back everyone. I know it's been awhile, but I am really looking forward to a whole new start. It's my dream that bw everywhere should be in loving, wholesome and fulfilling relationships that culminate in marriage. Because lets face it. SMART WOMEN know that although marriage is not perfect, it is the best institution they've invented thus far, as relationships go. Any man claiming to be so in love with you but unwilling to marry you, should be given a wide girth.

Its wonderful to see so many beautiful bw getting the memo and stepping outside the box. Recently a friend a mine who was a sworn bm-only type of woman recently married a white man! Miracles never cease! I'm seeing many more (bm-only) types expanding their horizons, and it's wonderful...
I think more and more bw are finally waking up. Thank the heavens above.

I think one of the main contributing factors in this new shift, are garbage pail ppl like Tommy S. and men of his ilk all over youtube inventing horrible new names for bw, and saying the most vile things. Many bw finally began to wake up and see what they and their daughters had to look forward to. You know they said nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Well it's definitely time for bw to branch out, and find men who can truly love them, and not despise, denigrate, and vilify them because they look like them! But just let me say again, I'm so proud of you ladies for opening up your lovely eyes, and really beginning to wake up....