Thursday, September 1, 2016

Break the chains-and LEAVE!!!

I remember when a bm approached me at the mall some years ago. I was with hubby and the kids but this jerk deliberately waited until I went to the bathroom before he approached. He had the nerve to confront me for being with my husband (who's obviously white) but the crazy part is that he was with WW! See that's the hypocrisy bm are so famous for. There is a very damaged man on YT (Well yes, I know there are many) but this particular one made a video telling bm that they are NOT responsible for the babies of WHORES!!! (talking about BW!) He goes in depth to how bw should be used only for sex, treated like a thot, and disgarded! these men are too damaged for words, You young women must be crazy to deal with their mess!  Can you imagine a grown man telling young bbs that they are NOT responsible for what they do with their dicks!!!! Could anything be less ignorant and less damaged than that? Yes, there is. Telling them to treat women who look just like their 'MOTHERS' like garbage!!! I mean he actually says all this with a straight face, and some brain dead bw actually agreed with him!!! This is why I say, some of the ppl you'll have to leave behind are ppl you may have thought you could count on. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies, but unfortunately, that's the truth. And the horrible/disrespectful ways he talked about bw made my stomache churn. He had the nerve to put a picture of 5-6 young pregnant hoodish type girls up, and proceeded to talk about them like they were animals! And then later on this same damaged Negro got angry because christelyn Karazin (beyond black and white) is trying to save bw from that life, and telling bw, young and old to run. (bless her beautiful heart) He said horrible things about her, and then got angry that she was telling bw to run. My only question is WHY? Why do you care what a bunch of thots (as you and your ilk are so fond of calling us) do? Why are you following bw trying to keep them in the shackles of pain, and deprivation? Why would you care what we do? Because like I've been telling you ladies, bw are the backbone of the black community! 70% of the wealth of the bc is with BW!!! NO other community can say that. In every other community in the world, the MEN hold most of the wealth, and power. But the bc is like a backwards mirror of the more functional community. BW, you must look for better! Don't ever settle for the damage and disrespect so many bm are hurling toward bw these days. MOVE ON!
 I'm so damn tired of people trying to make bw feel guilty for dating/mating/marrying out We have as much right to be happy as any other woman. I feel like we have more right because who has suffered as much as we have? Who else has had to deal with constant frustrations of being called angry, masculine, unattractive, ball busting, baby mamma etc. The list goes on and on. All races of women have had all the problems that bw have had, but we are the only ones who become named after our problems ie, angry black women, welfare queens, unmarried baby mamas etc. And the saddest part to me is; If we fight back, we're angry, if we don't, it must be true. If we protest bm chasing non-bw like they are going out of style, we're jealous. But if we don't give a damn, and go out and get a non-bm- we're letting the race down, and practicing tyranny. Ladies please listen and learn. YOU CANNOT WIN-NO MATTER WHAT -SO DO YOU!!! I see so many bw are still afraid of what the bc will say if they roll up with a wm. I say damn that! The bc does not give a damn about you anyway. So DO YOU!! Like Evia always says: There MUST be reciprocity!! I don't mind bm with ww at all. I simply want the same thing for bw. Don't we deserve to come home to a loving husband who can wrap his big warm arms around us and ask us how our day was? Don't we deserve to have someone to hold, kiss, make love to like every other woman? Don't we deserve to have FATHERS for our babies who will love, protect, and cherish them? It' s ludicrous how many bw are so afraid of what other bp will say that they virtually spend their whole lives waiting on that black prince charming to come steal them away. It's not going to happen! There can only be one end for bw who continue to wait for the black prince, and that's a lonely, desperate, one way ticket to the GRAVE!!! BM are NOT coming for you! In the years to come the only bw who will survive will be those who have the sense to wake up from the twilight zone. ALL the others will die off of depression, loneliness, disease (born of pain and anger) and they will perish quietly with ppl shaking their heads murmuring how foolish these women were to wait their lives away! Ladies no matter what lies they tell you, don't wait! No matter what the church says; Don't wait! No matter what bm tell you (ESP. them. ) Don't wait! You're life is too precious to give someone that type of control over it.
Even the church is involved in these lies! I was in church the other day ( we are looking for a new church) and the pastor was telling the women "Wait on God to send you a husband! -he'll come if you just wait!" He raised his voice and growled these words and as I looked around, I could see the women nodding and murmuring. I shook my head in despair Pastor knows good and well the chances of these women meeting Mr right in a church that is predominantly 80% female is too unlikely for words! On top of that about half the men left (all black) half of them are with non-black women! About 1/4 are using bw for sex, goodies, money, etc, and the remaining fourth are already married to various women. This is what I mean about fishing in a polluted pond. This is no place to find a husband. The church knows this but I notice they seem to demand these women come to church sometimes 7 days a week! They've got a missionary day, Men's day, bible study, bible class, choir study-and rehearsal, usher day, pastor's day.... etc It goes on and on. Some ppl are at that church 7 days per week and every time they go, there is an offering or two plus they will ask the women to donate this or that, and work on this or that. See this is nothing but the church making sure these women have NO TIME to meet a good man because he will undoubtedly take her away from the church along with all the money and free labor she is donating. Now tell me how going to church almost every day, when would the average sister find time to find a husband? The answer is; She wouldn't .
Ladies you must realize something. Never expect someone to lead you from a ditch if they benefit from you staying in it! Always question people's motives.The church benefits from black women being lonely, vulnerable, spiritually void and desperately searching for solace. The reason bm don't want bw to escape has nothing to do with actually caring about bw. They know good and well how sad and miserable many sistas are because they do not have a man. But they benefit from these sistas in numerous ways. This is why this is no deterrent for their behavior, because a bw's happiness is not the target goal. The target goal is 1. To have someone waiting in the wings in case he should fall into trouble and need her, and 2. to have someone to use for free sex, money, help connections etc on a daily basis. Many of them don't even try to hide their antipathy for bw anymore, they simply figure bw are so desperate and stupid that they can come clean and still keep their harem intact. The other day I was watching Judge Mathis. There was a bm/bw on the show suing each other. The woman was suing because she and the man had gotten into an argument and he proceeded to pound her face into his car door. She was seeking her medical bills and cried though out her testimony. The man admitted to hitting her, but claimed it was only a few times, and that he had only done it because 'she would not shut up' He went on to tell the court that she was a 'crack head' and that she really did not matter! He further stated that he only kept the association with her alive because she was 'easy sex' and all he had to do was call. The woman seemed shocked to hear him talk about her this way. She was obliviously under the impression that they were together, and that this man cared about her. She broke down and cried, looking shell shocked and pitiful. She got her judgement but she seemed like a broken shell as she stood there shaking. The man turned and laughed in her face, he knew all along he had been using her, but she, in her eternal faith had not known, and now he had told the whole world she was just a side hoe. Ladies, your very lives are at stake, don't believe the lies....... These are the main ones to be on the lookout for:

1. Black women need to just hang in there, black men WILL come home one day
2. Black women are to blame for bm leaving in the first place-now be a good mammy and wait for them to come home.
3. Black women are too loud-that's why bm left.
4. A true sista NEVER Dates/Mates/or Marries white-she holds strong regardless of her pain, distress, and loneliness
5. Black women are too un-lady-like, fat, ugly, masculine (fill in the blank) that's why they left.

6. BM are kept down by WM, that's why they are so stressed-they need sistas to stay by their side and wait...
7.IF BW didn't have so much drama, babies out of wedlock, issues, they would not be alone-then the 70% stat is usually cited

There are other lies, but I think you get the picture, you must refuse to keep believing this nonsense and actively find your own Mr right (regardless of color ) and MOVE ON....