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Answer to the Visual man...+ wealth and beauty tips....

Hey Everybody, I'm going to give the answer and another example so y'all can see what I mean...

The reason they were not connecting was because they were essentially speaking two separate languages. Paul was EXTREMELY VISUAL, while our lady was very much a kinestetic (feelings person). Paul related to the world almost exclusively by his eyes. This explained why he took the scenic route, was mesmerized by the sunset, and picked the beautiful restaurant.
Everybody has a favorite love language. You will have one too. It does not mean you don't use your other senses. It just means that in 99% of people one sense will predominate. For about two-thirds of people, it will be the visual. The other third will be split between auditory (hearing ) and kinestic (feelings) When she asked him how the dress looked. He was not trying to be a jerk. He noticed the color because he is so highly visual and in his mind, he was being honest. He overreacted about the waitress because the image was disgusting to him and he felt his dinner was ruined. ( Strong Visuals often overreact to dirt, messes, excrement etc. ) When she reflected his behavior back to him, he could see how silly it was and he instantly calmed down. *this trick will work with many men* When she began to speak his language, then he actually began to see her and become attracted. It sounds silly but many women totally miss the cues, and if you speak feelings to a visual man, you might as well pack it in! He will often turn off, think that you're a bit loony and disappear. Visuals are VERY uncomfortable talking about feelings. They relate to the world by what they see. Yes, they most certainly have feelings, yet they experience them through their eyes. exp.
( Men) don't bother telling a visual woman you love her. Forget it, I guarantee you she will be thinking: ' well then where the hell is my ring? ' or 'Then why aren't you buying me flowers, or taking me to dinner!' See, she will be experiencing the world through her eyes. Her motto will be 'don't tell me -SHOW ME!!! ' - " I want to SEE the love!" This is woman you can try to 'love' all day, but unless she sees evidence of it -she will NOT believe you!

Ladies, don't tell the visual man " I just wanna make love to you all day! " Please don't say that-he just might run! Instead say something like: " looking at you makes me wanna call out from work -all week!" He will eat that up. Or " You look so good in that suit, you make me wanna rip it off!" See he can now SEE how you feel, and he will understand. To determine your man's love language -listen carefully. A pattern will emerge. The more visual he is the faster it will emerge. Here are some more clues:
He is very organized and gets into a bad mood in a dirty house.
He dresses very well and spends alot of time grooming.
He walks tall and has a proud 'peacock ' air about him
He works out and watches his weight.
He looks at you alot with an admiring look on his face.
He has a hard time hiding his feelings when upset (the visual face is very expressive-they usually don't make good poker players)
He loves to watch movies, or tv etc.
He loves to see you dance or be seductive or be naked etc.

* This one will give him away every time* Visual men are extremely nosy, when he drives, he will CONSTANTLY look in the rear view mirror! It's almost unconscious- he HAS to know what other drivers are doing....

Anyway, maybe you've experienced the following situation and had no idea what the problem was until now.....
Visual..v.. Kinestetic (clues to their language in red)
Dawn removed her expensive coat and carefully hung it in the hall closet. She could hear her husband puttering around in the kitchen, making one of his specialties. She smoothed her already perfect clothing and headed toward the kitchen. As soon as she stepped foot in the door, her pulse began to race! She had left the kitchen spotless before she had left this morning and now it was a wreck! There was spaghetti sauce and dishes everywhere! crumbs on her counters, juice spilled on her freshly scrubbed floors, something running down the wall, and worst of all, her brand new kitchen rugs were ruined with sauce stains-she knew would never come out! Keith turned toward her with a big stupid grin on his face, he was covered in flour and some concoction she could not identify. "hey baby! just thought I'd make dinner " he said happily. "Then we can cuddle by the fire and-" "wait!, Keith-" too late he had come and put his spaghetti covered hands all over her expensive designer dress! Now Dawn was too angry to speak. Keith realized what he had done and tried to apologize quickly. "oh honey, I am so sorry- here take that off and I will hand wash it right-" Dawn stopped him with a withering look. "what the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded. "anyone with half an eye could see your hands were dirty-why do you act so stupid!" Keith looked as if she had slapped him. "honey, I said I was sorry !" he said softly. "but why do you have to say such cruel things, why are you so cold, and mean spirited? Do you realize how much pain you cause or you just don't give a damn?" Dawn backed away, and looked at him like he had lost it. "you wanna talk about pain!" she shouted. "look at my damn kitchen! I just cleaned it before I left, do you really think I wanna come home and see it looking like this!" "I had pictured coming home to a nice clean kitchen and now look what I get! Keith backed away, as if her words were fists coming toward his face. "honey I didn't mean-" '"S - A-V- E I- T! she drawled maliciously, her face a mask of anger. "You have ruined my rugs, my curtains, and now my dress all because you're too stupid to see, you can't cook! Keith looked beaten."honey I just wanted to hug my wife, sorry I sure did not mean to ruin your precious dress!" With that he turned and slammed out of the house leaving Dawn to clean the mess.....

The clues to each person's language are in red. Kinestetics often wear their heart on their sleeve and get hurt very easily. Visuals hate messes! In fact the more visual people are the cleaner their house will be, the more organized they will be and the less tolerant of dirt and disorder they will be. Can you see how dawn wanted her home to match the clean picture she had in her head? Can you see that Keith wanted only to have a good meal and cuddle by the fire? -Kinestetics always want to do what feels good. Visuals on the other hand want things to look good . Can you see how these two will have to get on the same wavelength in order for their relationship to survive?

Wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

This is how Joe. H. came upon his million dollar idea. Remember your higher power is always ready to do the same for you....

1. Car Intermediary;

Joe could not find a job in his hometown. Since the mill had closed he had been struggling to feed his family and was on the verge of losing his home. He knew he had to come up with something. While sitting down to his meal of rice for the 3rd time that week, Joe racked his brain. His wife's face looked drawn and tight. Fear of the future had them both barely speaking anymore. Joe glanced out the front window and spied his run down Chevy. Man he wanted a new car! Hell, for that matter he wanted a new home new life ...... He just wanted to make things better for his poor wife. She had put up with so much! He watched as his disabled neighbor Benny struggled to get out of his new car. For one second Joe was jealous and the next he felt guilty. His neighbor was disabled and had been since birth. What kind of jerk would feel jealousy and anger instead of sympathy. He wiped his mouth and ran out to help Benny. Benny smiled gratefully up at Joe as he gently guided him from the car. "I had to wait 3 months for them to equip it so I could drive it and still they claim they don't have the part to help me exit it- it's so frustrating" Benny sighed. "I've been down there arguing with those people many times, and in my condition -that's a lot on me!" Joe nodded sympathetically, as he helped Benny into the house. But having a captive audience was too much for Benny. He showed Joe the mountain of paperwork, he had incurred trying to get the part that would enable him to exist freely from the car. He talked incessantly about how hard it was on him to go through this. Joe was sympathetic, but he could not help thinking-"at least you've got the money to buy that part and that car and any damn thing else you want!" But when he looked at Benny's tired face, he felt guilty. It wasn't Benny's fault he was broke and out of work. He suddenly had an idea. "Ben, whadda say I find that part for you for a fee?" he asked. Benny's face instantly brightened. "yes please -I'll gladly pay it. I'm so tired of trying to fight with these people-yes please!" Joe suddenly felt optimistic for the first time in months. He and Benny came to a fee agreement and within 2 days Joe had not only located the part but had arranged for the part to be installed in the car. He had the car back to Benny by the end of the week. Joe even had it washed he was -grateful for the fee he desperately needed. Benny, also was beside himself with gratitude. He not only paid Joe the 200.00 fee in cash, he called some of his disabled friends and referred them to Joe. Within 2 weeks Joe had a thriving business finding parts for not only disabled people but all kinds of special needs Medical, pregnancy, young, old or any kind of need. He would haggle with the dealer and save the client sometimes thousands thereby making them more than glad to pay his fee. He also made sure the cars were delivered clean and installed. Before he knew what was happening he had to turn clients away. There were just not enough hours to help everyone. He had to limit his business to 30 cars per month.But at 200.00 a pop he was making a killing and still had plenty of time to spend with his family. Now they moved from their house because they wanted to not because they had to. Joe and his family moved to a home 3x larger and bought a brand new car for both he and his wife. This is a business anyone can start. You can use newspaper ads or flyer's or just business cards. Depending on how fast you want to grow. You will need to have a large metropolitan area nearby, as it will be hard to do this in a very small town. But this can be adapted to finding homes, apartments vehicles or anything else. Use your imagination. You really do have the answers inside of you. Just ask and then listen.......But most of all -just do it!

2. Trucking to a fortune:
There is a guy my sister -in law, and I went to, to buy my brother a truck for his birthday. You know the custom made miniature trucks that men love. She actually paid 1000.00 for this truck! I could not believe it. The truck had working lights, sound and lift that actually lifted! The guy, Mike told us that this is one of his least expensive trucks! He says they sell from 800-4000! I was shocked. He showed us how he goes onto websites and takes pictures of the truck being built and how people email him with the order confirmation before the trucks are even finished. He makes over 10.000 per month doing a hobby that he absolutely loves. He says he would never work for anyone ever again and that he now has money and free time. He said very few people know about the money in this business. He has a store on eBay and he buys the trucks whole and sells them for parts because the parts are extremely hard to find. He says he started making hand made trucks because he wanted ones that were different. He also wanted to show people who bought his truck parts what they could do with the parts. The guys went crazy over his hand made trucks and they are constantly on back order. His parts business also exploded! He is now turning jobs down because he does not need more money. Isn't that a wonderful thought "to just not need any more money!" This can be you as well. Find a hobby you love. Don't bother trying to do trucks if you hate trucks -your apathy will come through, and prevent you from being successful. Pick something you love and then find communities on the Internet who share your interest. Take pictures and set up a selling email or use pay pal. People love pay pal because they feel safe knowing you do not have their personal info...This man makes 10 k per month but he could easily double that if he wanted to. He was relaxed and happy. Too many people are stressed and tired from trying to make it on a dead end job. Think outside the box, and see what you come up with....You can also write me for help remember.....

3. Letter riches;

This idea is so cute I had to include it. A few years ago, a friend of mine was the mommy of a precious little 4 year old, named Samantha. We called her Sam for short, but anyway. One day Sam wrote a letter to Santa and carefully signed it and sent it to the 'Norf poel' (as she spelled it) We thought it was cute and that she would forget about it, but everyday she ran up to the house and asked "mommy, did Santa send me mail?' I could tell my friend felt worse and worse having to tell her child the letter did not come. Finally, I went to the dollar store, bought some child's stationary and sat my friend down so we could compose a letter for Sam. Lisa, my friend was very reluctant to do this as she did not want to lie to her child. I convinced her that it was harmless and would make Sam very happy so we composed a letter and sent it to "Sam-Santa's special little friend" Sam was ecstatic when she got the letter, she read it until it was falling apart and showed it to all of her little friends. Soon Lisa was swamped with parental requests for more letters. In no time at all Lisa had a nice little sideline business writing and mailing letters all over the US. She advertises in magazines like home business, and direct mail. She charges up to 8.00 depending on how far and how much detail the letter requires. She still thanks me for starting her on this path. She loves it and makes pretty good money (about 1500.00 per week. Not bad for about 20 hours of work per month. Like I said, there are million dollar ideas floating around all the time. Lisa thinks I was the brainchild behind her idea but that thought must have occurred to her before I ever said anything! We ALL have million dollar ideas every day the point is to write them down and bring them to fruition.... PS, if you need help or advice write me at asktaylor1991@ (this is for my readers only!) Thanks for tuning in -until next time-S

Thank y'all for tuning in-see you next post ...

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Should you wait on a man, if the church tells you to??

Sorry, I meant to get to the visual answer, and I promise to get to it, this week, But anyway, I just wanted to talk about Pastors for a moment and talk to you ladies about ministers..
Now, certainly SOME are men of God, and are in it for the right reasons. But I think we all know that some are just trying to use the pulpit to make money and run cons.
It's a shame because so many sisters believe so strongly in their pastors, that they are almost brainwashed. And sometimes the church is the biggest culprit in not letting BW go. I mean go as in escape the hood and obtain better lives for their children. You MUST do what is best for you and your children. Don't ever listen to anyone who is supposedly telling you how to get out of a ditch, if they benefit from you staying in it. The CHURCH BENEFITS FROM YOU STAYING IN THE DITCH! broken, worn, angry, upset, MANLESS< and desperate for help. Now before your crucify me, please hear me. I very much believe in God, and I am by no means casting aspersions upon Christianity. I've been in the church all my life, and I totally understand, how we feel about the church, but ladies please be clear. The church does not nec. want you to get a man and a better life, because they know  many women would then put the church on the back burner, and make that man their priority. On top of that, many women would take their resources and put it toward things like their husband's comfort rather than giving it to the church. I'm sure many of you know by now that 70% of the wealth in the black community in with the WOMEN. For most communities, this is reversed, but you know how our community is..
Anyway, I think one of the most damaging statements I've continually heard in church all my life, is


What's wrong with this statement? Well, to begin with, the bible says 'faith without works is dead'
meaning, you must do the work! You can't just expect God to do the work for you, you must sow your own field, or look for your own job. NO one is going to do the work for you, so if you don't do it. I hate to inform you, but it won't get done.. No one is going to do YOUR work. So if you want a man, you've got to get out there and look for one. You've got to go to places where the kind of man you want, would frequent. You cannot afford to wait on anything you want. Life is just too short.    
And what you want, you must go out and get it...

Have you ever waited on a job until God sent you one? or waited to pay your bills until God told you to? Or waited to go to school, eat, sleep. etc.! I believe God helps those who help themselves. Life is just too short to wait for anything or anyone! I believe we are given common sense for a reason. We are supposed to exercise it. I think the real reason women are being told to 'wait' is because it serves the church's interest. If these women are lonely, depressed and man less, they are docile, easily led and manipulated. Just like sheep. Ever noticed how when a woman's energy is high and she has good confidence, she can laugh off ignorance and is very difficult to deceive? Yet if she is diffident by nature, or temporarily depressed, she is much more gullible and likely to listen to people who do not have her best interests at heart. This is because she is at a vulnerable point in her life. Lately, it seems to me the churches are feeding off of this pain and vulnerability instead of trying to ameliorate it. And if millions of women are going to church praying for a 'good man', why is the church not sponsoring many more 'singles events'? Why are they not telling women forget about a black man and just focus on a good man? We have been going to black churches a long time. And that is a message I have NEVER heard!!! How come black women are doing 90% of the work in the church but all the leadership positions seem to be held by men, with women acting as appendages to them? Why are some churches telling women they are making brothas look bad, just because they are going for their goals? Why are sistas expected to run around like fools wiping the faces of the deacons and bringing them cool drinks when they are already slaving away at home and on the job 5-6 days a week as it is? But most of all I want to know why no one is telling bw to open their options and go find them themselves someone who will love them regardless of his color? And furthermore, why are they not telling the sorry -behind men;
GROW UP!! Stop this foolishness!! Get an honest job-stop selling drugs -Marry your child's MOTHER!!! BE A MAN!!! Why do they continually let sweet faithful bw sway and pray for one of these pieces of men? You need a piece of chocolate-but never a piece of man!
I just don't understand how they can see these beautiful women dying like roses on the vine, and keep deceiving them! I believe God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly. (that's what my bible says) To me abundance = Health, Wealth, and LOVE! I believe they are ALL essential and that in order to have a good life, we cannot skip any of them! As a bw who loves BW. I say if your church is telling you things that cause your instincts to cringe,- take another look. Evaluate what they are really saying, and consider the source and what they have to gain. Do they have YOUR best interests at heart? -Or their own???

Below are some wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

Consult your way to 5000-10,000.00 per month!

If you have specialized knowledge of ANY kind, a great business to start is a consulting business. This is something that can be started from home on a part time basis and can grow as your knowledge and confidence in the business grows. Make sure to pick a subject you absolutely love and one that you will be very interested in continuing to study. One of the main reasons why many businesses fail is because people do not take their interest/passion into consideration. Many people are basically looking to get rich without realizing that it is 5x times harder to get rich in an area you dislike as one you like. Self analysis is extremely important. If you hate kids, for God's sake don't try to open a daycare! You will be a colossal failure. Not to mention the poor kids will suffer. If you have specialized knowledge of a particular thing (or are happy to gain said knowledge) then you can be a consultant. It simply means that you would get in touch with companies in your field, and let them know about your service. with (Ads, post cards, fliers, phone calls, or word of mouth)Keep in mind that WOM is much slower and this would be used as a sole means of advertising only, if you want to build very slowly. An easy way to do this biz is look in the paper for help wanted ads. You can contact these companies and make an appointment. See these people regarding problems they are having with various aspects of their business. Talk about how you can help them with new ideas, implemented strategies, or various other solutions. Talk about SOLUTIONS with them. Tell them what you can do for THEM! Price yourself at about double-triple what they would pay their employees and get to work. Some common business problems are:

  1. 1.Fiscal mismanagement
  2. 2.Employee theft
  3. Overage of overtime
  4. Need to downsize to survive
  5. Need to curtail expenses
  6. Need to meet Labor/Union stipulations
  7. Need to stay competitive
  8. Need to come up with fresh image/logo/sales letters etc....
I'm sure you get the idea. You can find a million problems in everyday businesses. And remember that (or buy on Ebay ) on this subject is called; How to succeed as an independent consultant by Herman Holtz Publisher John Wiley and Sons605 third Avenue New York NY 10158
Get Rich with old family recipes!
Did you know that some of the most popular restaurants in your town are probably so popular because of one or two 'favorite dishes or deserts'! Well it's true. Many of the most popular places in any town usually are known for some specialty, which is quietly making the originator of the specialty rich! For instance. I know someone who makes fabulous fudge. She has been making it for years. Well one day a friend of hers convinced her to let her place some on the counter of her family restaurant. She wrapped it nicely and added labels and neatly placed it near the register. Well the result was instantaneous. People clamored for it and begged for more. Soon other restaurants were begging as well. This lady does not want to go nationwide (although she certainly could) she is a little old lady now making 20.000 per month by selling her fudge to restaurants (in other nearby towns) and making it exclusively for this particular restaurant. You can do this too. Some of the most popular dishes in family style restaurants come from ordinary people who have a great recipe. Careful as this is one that can go so big, you'll feel lost and scared. So get a good accountant and try to control the growth. My father, God rest his soul was a fantastic cook. Even better than my mother (and she's a very good cook) He had a pizza recipe that was out of this world! I have never tasted anything like it. And everyone always said the same thing. Whenever he had a pizza party, as he called them. People would beg, plead and pay anything to get in! Restaurants heard of him and offered him money, shares, anything to get that pizza. Unfortunately, daddy was not interested. I think I have told y'all before my father was extremely talented in many ways, yet totally unmotivated to do anything with that talent. He always promised to give us the recipe, but he never did. To this day, we have made thousands of pizza's trying to figure out how to make them taste like his-to no avail. My point is: It really does not do any good for God to bless you with a talent, you refuse to use. Daddy could have made millions in 25 different ways if he had, had a little motivation and desire to do so. But he did not and so he died taking all that wonderful talent with him.... So just know that I can give you all the business ideas in the world, but if you don't have motivation and desire to use them-they can never work....This is a business you can make millions in if you are willing to work hard. It can grow faster than you would believe. Simply take your special recipe and let restaurants try it. Let them see if it will sell. Take it to several and have a nice looking business card wrapped with each item. (with phone number incl. ) If your phone starts to ring off the hook-honey, you are on your way! Get a good accountant and try to control the growth so that you are not overwhelmed.....
1000.00 per week reupholstering furniture (part time!)
Did you know that you can make up to 1000.00 per week upholstering furniture? Well you can. And it does not require much time to learn the skill either. You can Google furniture reupholstering and get started learning for a very modest amount. With the economy in the shape it's in. Many people want to save as much money as they can. Many people would love to have their furniture 'redone' instead of paying for all new furniture. We recently got a new leather couch and love seat set and it was over 2000.00!! So you can see why many people would love to just redo the old. Now this will require someone who has a love of fabrics, style, colors, etc. IOWs someone who has decorating tendencies and loves to make old things new. People please, if this sounds like slave labor to you, then don't waste money buying a kit. You will not be successful in a business you hate. On the other hand, if this sounds great to you read on. The Modern upholstery Institute will practically walk you through how to get started. With tips, samples ads etc. You can work with homeowners, hotels, motels, offices etc. Businesses are great clients because they really do not want to waste money on new furniture that only customers will use and not family members. You can build this as large as you like and remember you can email me with questions at (this email is for business ideas only, and my readers only...PS, if you want a copy of all the wealth ideas: go to sidebar and follow link that says (Sara's wealth blog) All of the wealth ideas will be there.
Beauty tips for the ladies...
Flaky skin: a great way to control flaky skin is to cut an apple in half and rub half over the face. This will texturize the skin and even the tone while eliminating the flakiness. Once you are finished, rinse. You can also add a little sugar to your palm dampen with water and rub gently over the face-then rinse.
Under eye puffiness:
Fill a clean satin eye pillow (you can easily make some) with buckwheat or lavender. Lie down and cover your eyes with them and take a 15-20 minute rest. When you awake, your eyes will be refreshed and smooth....If eyes are really bad (like from crying all night ) try frozen veggies to reduce the swelling ... And then get whatever making you cry like that out of your life....
Remember to change your make up every few months as the bacteria can build up and cause all kinds of problems. Never share make up, and always wash hands before and after applying it.
Steam stress and toxins away...
Steaming the skin not only is therapeutic, it's extremely health inducing. The reason is that you steam away the toxins that make you look old and tired. By 'sweating' the skin you revive it. A great weekly regimen is to: steam the skin over a bowl filled with very hot water and herbs (like chamomile, lavender or rose. Have a towel draped around your face to keep steam in and gently lower your face and let the pores breathe. (don't get too close, and don't spill the water!) When you are done give yourself a gentle mask and see how rested and lovely your skin looks.....

Some tips for you lovely melaninated beauties...

Would you believe one of the top products many salons use as their natural mud mask is nothing but KITTY LITTER! It is true, they use the kind that has no chemicals and is non clumping. They put it in fancy containers, and charge 60.00 per treatment for it, and most people have no idea, that most of the time it's nothing but Kitty litter!

Anyway, I've never tried it, but just wanted to let you ladies know about that...
Also, this is a great facial mask you can whip up, in no time and it's so relaxing, and feels so good..

Oatmeal /egg mask:
In a blender mix a 1/2 cup of oatmeal to a powder. add 3 drops of almond oil and I egg white blend and use immediately.  Leave it on for 20 minutes. You can relax and read, or listen to some great music..

Tomato Mask:
This is for oily skin: You can mash up a ripe tomato, and add a splash of milk. then apply it and leave it on for about 20 minutes.  When done, rinse with warn (not hot) water..

Banana Mask:
Mash up a ripe banana and add just enough honey to make it a soft pulpy substance.
 Apply it over the face,  (you can also apply this on your hair,)  anyway this is a great firming mask, Movie stars have been using this little trick for years to stave off father time.  In fact, it's so firming, that many have been known to even put it in their bras to firm up sagging breasts...
You can also use just the honey...

So just wanted to leave you beauties a few tips, I will be back in a few days, sorry this post was so long in coming, but I've been so busy, but I will be back in days to answer the questions from the last post...
thanks for coming out, see you soon...

Thank y'all for tuning in-see you next post ...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Reel the V type man in...

I'm sure you have all noticed that there are some women, who men will do anything for. You know the kind, men will laugh at their dumb jokes, follow them like puppies, spend obscene amounts of money to impress them or even leave wives and children for them. I will give you 2 salient examples: Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. These women knew exactly how to wrap men around their little fingers. Until he died Joe DiMaggio would not speak Marilyn's name because he loved her so much, that even her name was reverent to him. Author Miller (the writer) also fell so head over heels for her that he was unable to write a word for many, many years after her death- so bereaved was he! Cleopatra had herself snuggled in and delivered in a wrapped rug to Cesar and his court. She was an exiled queen, and had she been discovered by his guards, she would most certainly have faced death. Instead, when she rose from the covering and gave him her most coquettish smile, he was smitten and mesmerized, as was his court. Julius Cesar was a man who lived for warfare. He was so driven by the conquest of it, that nothing seemed able to keep him from war, which seemed to be his reason for being. Many, many women had tried to capture this great warrior. Women far more beautiful than Cleopatra, yet he had always grown tired of them, and returned to his first love, warfare. When Cleopatra came on the scene, He was so intrigued and hypnotised by her, that for the first time he allowed Rome to fall to ruins in his monstrous efforts to be with Cleopatra. So mesmerized was he, that he barely noticed his kingdom deteriorating before his eyes! After Cesar was murdered, Cleopatra did the same thing to Mark Anthony. He in fact left his brand new wife for her and completely forgot about his kingdom, and all spectre of his former life. Cleopatra had become his whole life.... People often think these women intrigued these men because they were beautiful, that could not be further from the truth. Cleopatra was actually purported to be quite plain in fact. Only men in love with her found her to be beautiful. Her real power lay in the fact that she knew how to seduce men into love with her. She was very much hated in Rome as she was a black Egyptian who easily seduced and captivated powerful white rulers. (which is why they hide her race on tv) These women had undeniable powers of attraction, there is no doubt about that. But what did they have that could turn men to mush and make them leave families and friends and even their most sacred obsessions? Well there are many things these women were doing but for comprehension sake, lets start with just one. I think we have all figured out by now that men are complicated creatures. For some strange reason, they never seem to want ANYTHING easy in their lives yet they seem more than willing to take the "easy" only to discard it later. They are truly a study of contradictions. They go to wars, and join police forces, climb mountains and put themselves in harms way in a thousand ways for the "thrill" or the complexity of the maneuver. Men love the complex. They quickly lose interest in the "easy" Neither Marilyn nor Cleopatra had "easy" ways about them they both had very complex personalities. Marilyn had the "little girl, seductress thing going on, and Cleopatra had a flip personality which was coquettish one moment and sullen, distant the next. Both played "roles" and both loved keep a man off balance. That being the key. We are not advocating for you to act like a nut or a fool. But you must change it up a little. never let him become complacent or bored. Let the different sides of you come out. Remain a challenge. Men are challenge seekers. There is a whole lot more to all of this but lets keep it simple and start with something quite basic.
Many of you have written to me asking for advice on love/meeting/marrying Mr Right. I will most certainly address these concerns. But first I would like to assess where most of you are right now with a short love quiz.
Read the following story (Bad Date ) and see if you can tell what the "problem" is with this date.
-answer coming soon.

BAD DATE.    ( Can you guess why they don't click?)
The night was dark and mysterious. Cynthia relaxed against the dark leather of the car seat and tried to get to know her blind date.
He had just pulled away from a mountain bluff and a sunset he had just had to see. He had stared at it as if mesmerized. Cynthia found herself equally mesmerized by him. He was a fine man! Dark hair sparkling gray eyes rugged features. " I could fall for you, so easily" she thought to herself. Paul turned to her. Every dark hair in place, clean cut, impeccable, his hand-made suit cut perfectly for his large body, he seemed almost too perfect, physically anyway. "you like the sunset?" he asked, suddenly. "oh, uh... sure-it's ok" Cynthia thought that was an odd question. " So what do you like about being a florist" he asked casually.
" oh well, I love how it makes people feel, you know they get so happy when they get flowers . They always smile sometimes they even cry and..." The look on his face caused her to trail off.
He was looking at her like she had lost it. " Interesting" was all he said. Cynthia felt like hitting him in the head. Why was it so hard to talk to him? She felt like she was pulling teeth! As they pulled up into the restaurant she tried to connect again.
"Why did you choose this restaurant? she asked, trying to lighten the tension between them. " He glanced down at her "look at it " he gestured at the beautiful French restaurant set atop a very expensive building and looking out on the water." a picture says a thousand words. It's simply breathtaking!" "oh... uh..yeah" was all Cynthia said. She actually would have preferred something more family oriented and less flashy, but she kept this information to herself.
As they entered, she noticed that everyone seemed to be catering to Paul. the maitre D almost knocked someone over to greet him and the wait staff and management alike seemed to act like fawning sycophants. she wondered what it must be like to live in that world where you had a lot of money and everyone was so smiling and fake. As they were seated she decided once again to try to engage him in conversation. She gestured to her new dress. "do you like it? it cost me a small fortune" she laughed. Paul glanced at her dress. it was a simple gray chiffon with the bodice cut lengthwise emphasizing her full bust and small waist, yet the color was a tad light for her skin tone. " the cut is very nice," he answered honestly "but the color is 2 shades too light, you're a winter and that was made for an autumn" Cynthia could feel her blood starting to boil! He was such a jerk! no wonder he was single -and she didn't care how fine or rich he was! Everything was going from bad to worse. She so regretted taking this blind date!
" you just don't mind being an asshole do you?" she finally snapped. He actually looked amused " was I an asshole-because I told you the truth!, tell me what else can't I be honest about" Cynthia exhaled hard. The waitress set the food down and backed away, even she could feel the tension. A moment later he gestured the girl back, " that looks way too red, I'm not a caveman" he snapped at her. But his eyes were locked on Cynthia's for the first time all night. "what's the problem here? " he finally asked, quietly. " Cynthia shook her head and shrugged helplessly. She felt like crying but she didn't know why. Plus, she was not about give this jerk the satisfaction of seeing it. His dark gray eyes seemed to study her for a moment, roaming over her dark skin, full lips and thick black hair. Then with unnerving boldness, he let them slide over gracefully over her body without leering, but with definite appreciation. She could tell he found her attractive, she had no idea why they were not connecting. It was the waitress who accidentally solved the mystery. Upon her return, she placed Paul's plate in front of him smiling, and obviously trying to earn a better tip. He barely noticed her but when he saw her bloody thumbprint in his plate, he erupted. "What the hell! do you think I can eat this damn food with your bloody thumbprint in my plate? " Now all I'm going to see is that nasty thumbprint-I don't think I can eat a damn thing!" The girl was all apologies, and on the brink of tears. She hurriedly took the plate away. Cynthia was starring at him, amazed, yet amused for the first time. She thought she had an inkling as to the problem. " what the hell are you laughing at? he raged, His voice began to rise "you think it's funny! She brings me a plate with a nasty ass thumbprint in it and you think-" Cynthia held up her hand, cutting him off. "I know, I know, the nasty ass thumbprint in your damn plate" Paul's face looked slightly red "no, you don't see where I'm coming from because it wasn't your plate!" That image almost made me sick..." His voice was rising once again. Everyone was starting to look their way. Cynthia knew she had to calm him down and fast. She rose half way up and pounded the table with her small fist. "you're right Paul," she said letting her voice grow louder by the second "it was gross and disgusting! My God a bloody thumbprint next to your food!" Now everyone was really turning their way. Paul stood and grabbed her arms pulling her back down "hey, hey, it's not that bad " he soothed. "it was an accident, that's all" his voice was back to normal and Cynthia let her voice come back down too. "Well just seeing it in that plate!" she said. "I mean looking at it-all bloody and-" Paul threw back his head and started to laugh. Cynthia stared at him a moment and then joined in. " you don't mind acting like a fool, do you " he asked. "no, I guess not, no more than you " she countered. He was quiet for a moment. "you know you really are beautiful in case I didn't tell you and you looked so sexy getting mad about my plate- that was too cute!" She smiled. A moment later a different waitress appeared with his meal and they had a great dinner. Paul was looking at her like he was seeing her for the first time. "I would love to see you again" he said quietly. I would love to see you too" Cynthia answered correctly.

Why was that the correct answer?

Why were Cynthia and Paul missing a connection at first?

Why was the conversation so strained?

Why did Cynthia start to emulate him, when he overreacted about the thumbprint? -and why was that the correct thing to do?

Why did he suddenly start to see her and become attracted? Do you know why? -find out soon.....   (next post)



Black women learn to sell via the INTERNET!!! It's the closest thing to a pot of gold you'll ever find!!

Lets talk about some great reasons to learn to sell on the internet. The main reason you should learn sot sell on the internet is because the internet is making more millionaires than any other medium in the last 50 yrs!!

The reason you should (MUST) learn to sell on the internet is because otherwise, you will have to see your time!! Do you ladies understand that you cannot AFFORD to keep selling your time? Time is the most precious commodity in the world, and is extremely finite. NO ONE can afford to keep selling their time. You must think outside the box. Think about it, if you work a job even at 25.00 per hour, and work 8 hrs per day, you are capped at 200.00 per day.
If you work a business, say you own a corner store. Now you ARE the boss and you are probably making a profit, but the problem is that you are forced to work often much more than 8 hours. Many business ppl work 12+ hours per day, and often work for several years WITHOUT seeing a profit!!! they must pay their employees, and expenses, and overhead (which can be overwhelming) and have very little to show for it. This is why business ppl are encouraged to have several years of savings in order to make it work, because they will often be in the red for several years before becoming profitable.

Most ppl cannot go several years without money, and this is why small businesses often fail. You cannot expect to become profitable quickly (EVER) in this module. In fact, even if you do become profitable after several years, you are still hindered by a MAJOR problem most businesses know all too well. It's called the HUMAN COMPONENT!  In order make the business grow, either you must be there all the time, or hire employees. Now employees present their own brand of horror. Every business knows about employee theft, employee time stealing, gossip, vicious rumors, destroying property in anger, constant call outs, Labor disputes, calling government officials for the slightest inkling etc. Many businesses are slow to hire and quick to fire for just this reason...

Employees, time, jobs, etc are uncontrollable variables. In order to live your life at the highest level, you must be able to control as many variables as possible. The greater your control in the area of financial  variables, the greater your income and life. Why is this because, think about this for a moment. Now above we talked about someone making 25 dollars per hour. This person probably thinks this is a good income. Now technically they may say I make 1000 per week, but 1k per week is NOT a good income. It's merely an ok income. I really wouldn't even call it ok, It's low. (esp after taxes!) But I understand SOME ppl think it's good, so that's why I used that number. But imagine instead of working like a dog for a lousy  grand a week, you sold ebooks on the net. Now suppose you made 25 profit per book (many ebooks make far greater profit than this) if you sold just 10 per day, you would make 250. and they could be downloaded, and you will still have the majority of your day to make another, or enjoy however you choose!!! Now let's say after taxes you make 1000 per week with your ebook. Now YOU control the variables! You can advertise in more places, You can put your ebook on Amazon (if it's good enough) you can create a capture page and get the email of everyone who buys your ebook and upsell them on another book!!! You can offer ppl a percentage of the profits to sell your book, you can put your book on certain sites (I will reveal in next post) that will market it for you, you can experiment with raising the price a bit and see if the market will bear it. Bottom line, NOW YOU CONTROL THE VARIABLES and now you are free to make as much as you want!!! Why? because you can put out more and more products!! You can make higher priced products!!! You can download your ebook, and print it off, and add a recording to it, and sell it as a KIT!!! Can you see now why the internet is untouchable??? It's incredible what you can do!!

I promise to get back to some of the ways to make money on the internet in a day or two, I wish I had time now, but we are on vaca, and hubby is screaming for me to come on.. I promise I will be home in a few days, and I will give you ladies some great ways to get started making money on the net'
I kind of promised it was going to be just us this trip so, I cannot do it right now, give me 2 days, and I will get back to you with some great info on this....

Easiest ways to make a great Ebook

You'll need a flycatcher page
 This is a page where you ask ppl what they want. for instance, you might offer to give them a free ebook if they tell you the main question they have in regards to __________________
For example; "I will give you a free book on high blood pressure, and how to natural bring it down if you tell me your number 1 question on HBP.

From there you take the top 12 questions and make each one the Title of a chapter. This way, you KNOW the questions are what your readers what your readers want to hear.
Then you research or pay someone else to, and answer the questions.
You can even hire someone to write the book for you. You can find these ppl at Elance,com  ContentDivas. com or

And keep your eyes open for trends. You can cash in on a popular trend and make enough money to last for a decade or two!!! I know someone who paid less than 900 to have an ebook made /written for her, and she's been making over 22.000 per year from it for several years! Now I know 22k will NOT make one rich, but she could just as easily duplicate this and have 10!  Now do the math on that! When I asked her how come she didn't make more, she replied like a typical employee.
 " Oh well, I was just trying to supplement my paycheck, so I'm good"  Can you imagine being that blind, that you can't see that a few more good ebooks could ELIMINATE the need to keep working  for a paycheck? Oh well.... that's her choice, but just wanted to clue you ladies in...

Now you can drive traffic using Google AdWords, or social media to start. Soon it will be shared, and begin to attract ppl who are into what you offer.... Make sure to put a value on your book like 37.50, but sell it for less, so ppl know they are getting a bargain...

CD of the month club:

Another great internet biz is to do a cd of the month club. The beauty of this business, is that you can get such great content for free or nearly free! How by interviewing experts and  transcribing onto tapes all that great content for your readers.

You can do a different expert every month for whatever your product is about. Exp. Stock tips
You can interview stock experts and ask all the questions your readers want to know, and make it into an MP3 or cds etc. You can use Skpe and add visuals, and use a headset

You can record free interviews through and download the call into an MP3 file. You can also hire someone to do all this for you. The beauty of hiring experts to do income producing work for you is that you can write it off on taxes (keep receipts )_ and money geared toward INCREASING MONEY is always a good idea.

Now you can hire experts at 100.00 a pop, some even less. Now say you created your cd of the month club, and you sold memberships for 20.00 per month. WITH JUST 200 PPL, YOUR INCOME IS NOW AT 4000.00 PER MONTH!!!! And that is for something so super easy to fulfill, it takes almost no time (after all the work has been done) it's crazy to go work a job and use your own puny energy and precious time, when you can sell something that can magnify your income and make more than you could ever make working at an hourly rate!!!

Ladies please understand that working for an hourly rate, is like trying to go to the store on a treadmill. You are walking faster and faster, but still in the same spot!!! This is why employees almost never get rich!!

Now say you add an ebook to your tape of the month club, and new you can take the tapes (together- with the ebook, and maybe even some email consulting and sell it as a KIT!!! Can you see that now you can sell it for over a 100.00, and now you need even less ppl to make the same 4000.00! Ladies, I'm telling you the internet is KING! You cannot go wrong learning to use it for your own financial freedom..
You can get your recordings transcribed at or Elance. com
You can also do live webinars or teleseminars where you can communicate with your audience and really let them get to know you. The more they know you, the more they will trust you, and easier it will be to sell them. It's 7x easier to sell an existing customer, than to get a brand new one...
So I definitely wanted to give you guys a heads up, and you can find plenty of good books on for step by step instructions on how to build an online business....


So because of time constraints, going to give you ladies some quick beauty tips...

Glowing smooth skin..

 You can add powered milk to your bath for beautiful glowing skin. if you have dead skin that needs to be sloughed off, you can use rough wash cloths, or the colored dish scrubbers. You can buy these cheap at any grocery store. Now I'm talking about the light scrubbers (NON METAL!!!) don't even think about using metal scrubbers on your skin! But this technique of using a light scrubber is a model's secret to gorgeous smooth skin.. Just don't do it everyday, and be very gentle...

Hair that won't grow!

There is no hair that won't grow.  (unless the follicles are dead.) What usually happens is that ppl have damaged it so much that it breaks off, and APPEARS not to be growing. Ladies, keep it clean, and use all natural shampoos and conditioners. Here are  a few more tips to help make your hair grow thick and healthy

1. Lean over your bed daily and let your head hang low, this will send the blood to your scalp and done reg. will increase hair growth

2. Keep it clean, and conditioned and moisturized. You can use whip shea butter and mix it with coconut oil, olive oil and a few drop of peppermint oil to moisturize and increase growth. Now make sure you mix the peppermint with the other oils and NOT straight to scalp. But this homemade mixture is very very healthy and contains no additives, color, fragrance etc. You ladies have GOT to get the OTC jumk out of your bodys, and off your hair/skin! Be very careful of what you are putting on your skin/hair. Remember that the smoker patch is put on the skin for a reason, because the body will ABSORB it and will take it into the system...

3. Get a scalp massager for Amazon (the one with the battery) they are about 15.00 and use it! It will double your hair growth if you are diligent! Just gently do it about 10 minutes per day and you will be shocked at the increase in your hair growth!

4. Take vitamins, and drink plenty of water daily. This will not only increase hair growth but HEALTHY hair growth...

5. Use Jamaican castor oil and mix with whatever you use now, It will thicken and drive more hair growth..  I will give you more tips later, as I said DH is calling...

So I will get back to this post and add more a little later, but thanks for coming out ladies and see you soon...  PS answers to post will be on next post....

Monday, August 14, 2017

Don't cry girl, that's what they want!!!

black girl cries, black men won't dance with her....   ,< click link

This video went viral, for one reason. This is what damaged, disrespectful, delinquent black men want to see! This young attractive woman would have done much better to cry into her pillow than let this mess be put on YT.  Now before you think I don't care about her, and I'm being harsh, let me just say, it's the opposite!  I DO CARE! and I hate that she's being made the butt of many bm's jokes as we speak. This young woman went to a Chris Brown concert, and really expected to find the kind of good, kind, self aware men, _ there, to dance with her. I could have told her to AVOID a CB concert at all costs. His fans are young, materialistic, misogynistic, color struck, usually black woman hating, disrespectful thug wannabees. I think she was tripping going there...

But the crazier part was to post her pain on YT. It's so sad to say that BW are NOT allowed to just be women.. You know to express the hurt and pain, the vulnerabilities etc. It's horrific the things that were being said about this young woman. They were calling her bald headed, ugly, black as tar, tranny, he/she, and all manner of vile filthy, undeserved names. This young woman OBVIOUSLY wanted a bm even though she has a biracial son. She's divorced and I suppose, she's  looking for someone to spend her life with (as most women are) I think she should forget about color and focus on the quality of the man.
There is NO reason a man HAS to be black, but there is no reason why he should not be, if he's a good man either! I definitely want to drive that point home, It's NOT about color, it's about LOVE! If you find a wonderful guy and he's what YOU are looking for, and he's also black, Girl have at it! If' he's white, Have at it, if he's paisley pink .... You get the idea. Look for GOOD MEN. His color is irrelevant!

I want for this young lady to get off her knees, The fact that this video went viral so fast, really bothers me. Many ppl LOVE to see a black woman with tears on her face. I hate the gleeful tone so many bm had on their sites. They ripped this young woman for no reason at all. They acted like she had no right to breathe air! I mean literally, they were like rabid animals, ready to rip her to shreds!
What it that about? Shouldn't someone crying in normal life, elicit some type of compassion in normal human beings? Why would anyone feel GIDDY and DELIGHTED? But it was so obvious, these men did. and then had the nerve to rip her for being very short haired. Oh, but if she had weave down her back, they would have a serious problem with that as well.. She would have been all types of hat hatted hooligans, and a weave wearing slut. etc. It just seems that a black woman is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. If it had been a white girl crying, I seriously doubt they would have the same reaction.. In fact I KNOW they wouldn't. I keep telling bw, that some (unfortunately many) bm hate us for making them black! They see us (oftentimes_ as the progenitor of their problems, because we are the WOMBS that made them black! A lot of bw don't believe this, I hope they don't find out under fire, that it's indeed true...

What this young girl needs to do, is write down the qualities that she is seeking in a man, and then find out where 'that type ' of man will be likely to hang out. She needs to frequent that spot, and very naturally strike up a conversation, and let nature take it's course.... Ladies please don't run after, cry after, beg after, men who (do not want you!!!") There are PLENTY of men in this world who absolutely adore bw! I see them on  love sites everyday talking about how they are afraid to approach bw, but always desired to date bw.... Stop coming from a scarcity mindset. When you feel like your resources are in short supply, studies show that you are likely to go into a state of fear and irrationality. You are likely to act like this young lady, cry because she saw bm dancing with everything but bw.  Or likely to scream, curse, yell, cry etc. Point being, you are likely to come off as desperate and out of control. You never want that. First of all men can smell desperation a mile away, and secondly. Your emotions are likely to be so chaotic and frazzled, that you won't be able to attract anything that you might want! Ie, you are likely to pull the garbage men, and you don't ever want them! It's so important to love yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable, but in a safe space. YT is not that space! Too many Vampires on YT ready, willing and able to suck the life out of a bw post haste!

She should focus on herself. doing things for herself, rewarding herself, and learning to love herself. Then the man problem, will take care of itself. It's always easiest to pull that which you do NOT NEED!! This includes, money, men etc! I would advise this girl to go places with friends and just have a good time,  but at the same time be very aware of the kind of man that she is looking for. I cannot imagine why she specifically wanted a bm anyway. Many of them are sooooo damaged and hateful! Esp. to darker skinned women. Why would anyone want to deal with that colorism, misogynism, and general disrespect anyway?  Go places where you are likely to find a HIGHER class of men. It's foolhardy to go to a CB concert and expect to meet anything but young color struck fools there. I totally sympathize with  her situations, but like I said. Don't air it for the damaged, deranged sect. Tell a good friend or family member.

Also, its important to keep in mind that SOME men will find you stunningly beautiful, and SOME won't. You cannot allow how OTHER ppl feel about you, determine how you feel about yourself! This young woman needs to recognize that she is lovely, worthy, and desirable. On the previous post, I went into detail of how to really learn to love and pamper, and treat yourself, Ladies please go read and utilize that advice. Please DO NOT go on YT and cry to the world about how you feel unloved and unworthy. Learn to love yourself and really just let your true self shine. YOU ARE ENOUGH! You don't need to be anyone else, you ARE enough..


Wealth ideas for the homebody...

1 Provide something they need...

You know you need to think outside the box in order to surpass the masses. There are always ppl chasing the gold rush, but what about the people who learned to provide the shovels, the pans, the separators? Levi Company made billions during the gold rush, by providing strong, sturdy, tough but reasonably priced jeans that could withstand the constant bending, grinding roughhousing that digging for gold, required...

You must learn to think like an entrepreneur. When you see a job that you might be interested in, think of ways to turn it into a business. Think of how you can provide things that ppl might need in their day to day lives. Then think of ways, you can get it to them. For instance,  a lot of ppl are concerned about crime nowadays, what about a mail order crime protection business. This is a great idea because everything you need can either be ordered wholesale, or you can have the company dropship (make sure you use a reputable company and that they actually DO dropship)  It's important to remember though, that YOUR NAME is on the company that you start up, so you never want to deal with cheap but unreliable outfits that might cheat your customers, and do irreparable harm to your business. But you can easily get this started by googling ( and then vetting) good companies that specialize in this field. Many will help you not only with advice, but also with promotional material. If you are looking to stay at home and do a business, this might be perfect for you. You can set your own hours ( speaking of hours ladies, the trick to having and growing your business is to have BUSINESS HOURS!!)  Set that time aside like you were at the office and work consistently! Don't let girlfriends drop in and coax you into a movie or lunch or anything else. In fact a better way to do it, is to have a allocated Business line, and ONLY allow customers to have it. Don't answer your personal line during business hours and you won't be tempted to stop and go off with friends. Also train your friends and family, that business hours are just that, for business. Now, I've said this before, but you can get a DBA in your state for less than 50.00 HOWEVER< only use this particular business structure until you get going! I can't emphasize that enough. Ladies, when you begin to make money (and you will if you are consistent) the snakes and greedy guts will come out of the woodwork trying to separate you from it. You must have protections in place or you could lose everything! Use the DBA only for start ups. As soon as you are able to afford it, get yourself to a good Atty who can draw up a more protective business entity for you...
Last note I will add on this, is to give a quick cautionary tale so that you guys understand what I'm talking about when I warn you about this.. This is a true story that happened when I lived in Tx years ago. There was a guy who lived in Belton Tx about 25 miles from me and my family. Anyway he was a business man and had been for a long time. (So he should have known better) He had a come and fix it type of business. He would go into homes and fix wash machines, dryers, dishwashers, and many other things. He was very talented and he even came out and fixed a TV for us one day... But anyway, what happened was as he became more and more popular, he hired men to do what he did. He forgot to change his business entity from sole proprietor DBA to a corporate structure or LLC. In fact the men he hired were not even bonded! So one day one of his men goes into a woman's home and raped her!! (turned out he was a criminal, and the proprietor had not even run a bg check on him!) So The woman was so traumatized that she spent 2 weeks in the hospital ( which her lawyer billed to the owner! and her husband hired the toughest law firm in town. So it goes to trial, and even though the rapist was arrested and charged, he was NOT SUED, the OWNER WAS! And he only had a DBA!!! The law firm won and he was ordered to pay the woman and her hubby nearly 4 million dollars in damages. with the cut throat law firm getting 1/3! You can imagine what happened next. They went after the owner like a swat team. He was fleeced, and lost everything he had worked for for over 20 years!!! So maybe that will make you understand why I say use the DBA only to start....

2.  Car Consignor

This next biz is great because it's so simple and most ppl will walk right by this oppty, and not give it a 2nd thought.  It works like this. There are always ppl looking to sell their cars. This is a business that will enable you to help them and have your own little lucrative business at the same time. What you do is this. You put up ads on bulletin boards, paper, online free ads, Craigslist etc. You say something like this:
"I will sell your car or truck (in good condition) at no cost to you.
Then you go to Walmart or staples and pick up some consignment sheets.. This is the key to your business, make sure this agreement is signed before you do anything.  When ppl call you, tell them that you will sell their car/truck on THEIR property! Find out how much they want for their car, and add in your 500.00 for your fees. If that makes it too expensive, let them know, their price has to come down. IF they could have sold their own car, they would have already. So they can either play ball, or sell their own car. Most ppl hate selling, keep this in mind... Then make sure they sign the agreement.  This is the key. Then you go to their car and give it a good cleaning, and a few details can make a big difference.  Then you place ads for cars for sale. keep a log book that will hold details of your customers and what they are looking for. Then when something comes in, you send a group text to your customers. Now this is what makes this system so beautiful. Ppl are so competitive by nature, that they always want what someone else has. This is the concept that make ebay billions! When you send a group text, it's like chumming the waters! The sharks will come out to feed! Your customers will fight to be the first to get that car!! You can build this into a huge  business, by getting a dealer's lic and going dealer auctions and actually buying the cars. IF you get them cheap enough ( and you can at these auctions) then you could clear up to 1500.00 profit per car!!!  Or even better, specialize in a certain type and really fix them up and make your mark and make very very good money in the process. I know someone who did this with vans. He got a dealer's lic and he and his partner would buy run down vans and customize them. they made 1000s per van and by the second yr, were clearing over 300.000 per year (but there were 2 of them, so that's 150 a piece.. But anyway, this can be a very lucrative business for the go getter... You can order a Kelly blue book at: P O box 19691  Irvine CA92713  1 714-770-7704

3. Find cheap houses!!!

You guys know how I feel about Real Estate. I think it's the best, most lucrative (for most ppl) and fastest way to become wealthy. So I've decided that the 3rd wealth idea, will always be about real estate... So lets begin. Did you know that when an elderly person goes into a nursing home, or assisted living, that they often take their home? They also charge exorbitant rates that most ppl simply cannot afford. What you can do is leave literature in senior centers, or bingo halls (bulletin boards in senior type places etc) You want to let the old ppl know they can sell their home to you on a fixed rate (low rate) that will give them ongoing income until they go into a nursing home (because the home will take the income) So say for instance Market value of rent is 1200, and you pay them 600 per month for their home, you can rent it out for MV and pocket the rest minus expenses. Or if it's in really bad condition, they can deed it to you and write off on taxes, and you can call one of the We buy houses ads in your city and get a few thousand for it quickly. There are just so many million dollar ideas that ppl walk past everyday. Ladies open up your pretty eyes and see all the wealth and oppty around you....

Some beauty tips for you brown beauties....

Now remember we talked about staying as close to natural as possible. The cosmetic companies do NOT have to tell you their ingredients anymore, and they can also have 99% garbage ingredients and 1% organic, and call themselves ORGANIC!!! So be very careful ladies...

So that's the reason I advocate the natural stuff so much. So I told you guys before you can clean your face with coconut oil, Olive oil, or even mustard oil...

For an deep pore clarifier, you can use sugar, salt or baking soda. Many women do not realize this and spend a fortune buying those masks with the little grains  in them. But what's in that mask? We no longer know. that's why I started making my own products, and my skin loves it!
So, like I said, you can clean and moisturize your skin with the oils above and clarify with the natural grains listed above.

Natural Acid wash, for the skin'

Did you know that milk has a natural acid in it? It's called lactic acid and it's known for improving the texture of the skin. As well as providing lots of vitamin D.  To use it, simply wash your face with a natural cleanser and blot with a clean cloth with milk on it.
This will naturally smooth, re texture and sooth the skin on your face/neck
Some substitutions for milk ( for ppl who are allergic_ are the following;

You can use Pineapple Juice
You can use Lemon Juice
 You can use Tomato
You can use Citrus fruits..

Natural skin toners

Rose water
Wheat grass and water mixed
Green tea (excellent)
Chamomile tea (great)

How to use; Simply 2 teaspoons with 1/2 cup of water. Then dab on freshly cleaned skin.
This will sooth irritated skin and go a long way toward healing small skin abrasions.
These are all natural solutions that will go a long way toward maintaining skin health without side effects like OTC skin products!
Whew! So this got a little long, and my 8 yr old is screaming for attention, so I'm going to say good night ladies.. thank you for tuning in, and plz comment so I know what you like and what you don't like... Thanks for turning in, see you next post...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to be the woman he'll do ANYTHING for!!!

MJ holding the love of his life and wearing a look of pure bliss! For those of you who are not too familiar with their story, Ms Ross was the love of his life and he had been trying to marry her for over 2 decades. She knew the media would rip her to shreds if she actually married MJ, (because she knew him as a child) so she PRETENDED< and forced him to pretend that they were just 'friends' but I've extensively studied MJ's life, and I KNOW this woman was his friend/lover/confidante, and love of his life!!! But what I love most about Ms Ross, is that she truly embodies all the qualities of a beautiful, sexy, alluring, mesmerizing woman! She's the total package!! Which is why, MJ spent tons of money and years of his life trying to make her Mrs Michael Jackson! He said she had much more than physical beauty, he said she had J'ne sais quoi!!  She was truly his INVINCIBLE dream, and he truly, would have done anything for her....

I was on a site on Tango the other day, and I was just browsing to see what kind of advice they were giving women these days in regards to getting good men. Well, her advice started off fine, she advocated that women go to places where hardworking men are likely to go, that is a given. They advocated that she look good, and keep herself in shape. That is also a given. They also said that she should 'fit herself' to whatever kind of man she was looking for. Exp. if she was looking for a cultured man, she should know the qualifying norms for quarry she set her sights on. A woman looking for a county boy, might learn square dancing, and the proper attire that cowboys find alluring. So this is once again, a given...

Where we deviated, and I had a real problem was when she decided to tell women that the best way to make an impression on the men they had their eyes on, was to follow the following directions.
She said that they should 1.  Be interesting. Now before you ask what wrong with that? I need to point out , this is the ONLY good advice in this column. She told women to engage in conversation that HE was interested in, and try to find subjects of mutual interest. Love that bit, because that is of course, another given. You definitely want subjects of interest to BOTH of you, so you have a conversational point of familiarity, and interest to both of you. Once again, a given... No, that's not the problem...

Here is the problem. This is the rest of her advice to lovelorn women... Now keep in mind these women are in the INITIAL stages of a brand new romance which has NOT turned into an exclusive relationship yet. It is pubescent and very much in the embryo stage. Instead of advising these young women to take it slow, get to know this person, and really get a feel for if this is the right person for them or not. She advocated for women to begin SEXTING virtual strangers and dirty talking him to peak his interest!!! She also advocated for women to begin immediately to find out what sexual positions these (STRANGERS) preferred in bed!! She also advocated that these women then let the man know these are their favorite positions as well, and begin a sexual tease, such as telling him they are not wearing an panties!!! and they want to jump his bones, and give him the orgasm of his life!!!
Please keep in mind, she is telling this to women who don't know these men from Adam, and have barely met just them!!!

Now first I want to add, because you ladies are probably thinking the author was white. And you probably thought that because WW are often taught it's perfectly fine to lead with your sexuality. And yes, many do. However, I honestly think that sets a dangerous precedent regardless of the women's race and culture. First of all, it's DANGEROUS to be sexting total strangers because sexting leads to SEXING!! and sexing strangers is not only stupid, but very damaging to your overall psyche and can be quite dangerous to your health! Ladies, even if you consider yourself the most sexually liberated woman in town, HONEY this AIN'T the time to be sexing strangers! Too many things out there that can irrevocably do you harm. Now I'm aware that I'm on the old fashioned side, and different strokes for different folks and all that, but I would strongly urge you ladies to not take advice that puts your health and very life in danger. THe author above is a total idiot! I'm sorry, but to tell women to sext total strangers, and talk about sex with stangers, and a she even advocated sending nudes and sexy selfies to men as a way to be remembered!!! Oh you'll be remembered alright, as the desperate girl who threw herself at him! Right now, I want to show you ladies some really good tips that'll work a WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN THE GARBAGE ABOVE!! Forget sexting strangers, and telling total strangers that you want to make them orgasm! Can you think of many things that might sound more desperate and pathetic than that?? The only thing that can result from listening to the fool above, is you'll find yourself used as a sexual toilet, while he searches for someone more worth his while.... Let's move on to something  much more classy, yet, far more effective in terms of catching the eye of a worthy guy....

First of all please know that Men indeed will categorize women in segmented files in his mind... 
Make no mistake about it, Men CATEGORIZE women.  The categories are as follows:

1. Acquaintance /social companion

2. Friend / close associate

3. Good time girl/ thot

4. Girlfriend / Girlfriend material

5. Wife/ Wifey Material

It's important to remember that Wifeys are almost NEVER pulled from cat. 3! She can be pulled from any other category but almost never category 3! So just keep that in mind, because men NEVER tell this to women, It's like a old boys club secret. Now this is not about slut shaming, I just want you guys to be aware, because MOST women are looking to get married at some point in life..

Now what the author of the above drivel was attempting to do, was teach women to be MEMORABLE. And it's true that that is a great thing to be. Men often fall in love with memorable women, that's true. But over the top sexuality is not the kind of memory you want to give him.
There are MUCH BETTER Ways to make him remember you, and think about you almost constantly. Let's go over some much better ways..

Be Attractive, be alluring, be appealing, be fun, be mesmerizing, be different, be confident..

 Attractive just means to look as good as you can because it will show through whether you think you are attractive or not. Attractive ppl are confident, sexy ppl because they have taken care of themselves and are not worried about bad teeth showing, or a spare tire around the waist popping out because they've made sure the package looks good. When the package looks good, you will Feel good, and you will have tons more sex appeal than a woman who is constantly worried about her crooked teeth showing or a big overhanging belly!

You have to understand that it's all a continuous loop. The attractive woman is clear, confident and sexy BECAUSE she knows she looks good and does not waste energy on worrying about the package. This leaves her to put on her best face and be fun, flirty , and easy to be around. This leads the man to think she's far more alluring, fun, carefree, and appealing! This is why it starts with being attractive and more so for YOU than HIM, now you understand why

2. BE DIFFERENT! (distinctly YOU)
 Different means being yourself and the qualities that make you, you.  I will tell you a secret. MOST MEN are looking for a woman who can let her hair down and be free and encourage him to claim his freedom as well! What does that mean? Well it means, he's looking for that person who makes him feel alive. Especially if he is the typical white collar guy who has to adhere to corporate rules day after day. He's probably dying for some crazy girl to sweep him off his overshined shoes. Most women don't understand that inside of every man is a little boy dying to get out, and play. If you can coax him out and bring fun and spontaneity to an otherwise very conservative guy, you will win his heart almost every time.. Reason for this, is because most women mistake the need for adventure and play as a need for plenty of sex. So they begin to sex the man hoping to make his fall in love, and that's like trying to start a fire with a wet match! It won't work.. His need for spontaneity, and adventure are not mutually exclusive with his need for sex. Don't confuse the two..
It might be easier to give an example. I remember reading a mag a few years back, and a wife knew her hubby was cheating on her and could not understand why. She was giving him everything she thought a good wife should. She kept giving him more sex, time, attention etc. But he kept disappearing and coming in later and later, and she KNEW he was with the other woman. So finally, at the end of her rope, she decides to confront the other woman. She goes to the workplace and brings a big box of dough nuts, and drinks to his coworkers. Then she subtly lets them know that she feels her hubby is cheating but has no idea who it is. They immediately point out the woman. Amy S. She goes and asks to speak to the Amy. Not in a threatening way, but more like a sister to sister empathetic way. She knew she could pull this off, because Amy obviously felt guilt about sleeping with a married man. When she sits Amy down and then begins to cry (using empathy) and tells Amy that she does not want to lose her husband and that they have 3 children. She begs Amy to tell her what her secret is. Amy, feeling obvious guilt promises to never 'see' dim again and tells her: ' There is no secret, he just loves it when I quack like a duck!" "Come again? " the wife asks. incredulous. "well" says Amy. "He loves it when I scrunch up my face like this, and quack."  She scrunched her face up to a wrinkled ball, and began to make duck sounds. The wife was flabbergasted. "But...but ok it's funny but what's so great about your duck quack?  Amy looks at her patiently. "It's not about the duck quack," she says slowly. "It's about the silliness, and the relief from his everyday burdens!"  And therein lies the secret of  the playful attitude that most men are looking for. And the MORE responsibilities he has, the more he's probably looking for that playful woman! This is a HUGE SECRET LADIES THAT MOST WOMEN DON'T REALIZE AT ALL!      

There is something very attractive about outgoing people. Let's face it ladies, outgoing ppl are just more exciting. They are out living life, and not hiding in the shadows. They seem to embrace that Joie de Vive! They seem effervescent and more energetic. Energy is excitement Energy is life. This is why outgoing people are always far more sought out then their more sedate counterparts Now, of course, we all cannot be the life of the party, but everyone can DECIDE to be more outgoing...

The sexiest coolest ppl are ALWAYS the most confident. When you believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of whatever you want to achieve or have in this world, that confidence will radiate out from you and attract others like a beacon! There is nothing sexier than a person who is going places and is simply secure in his/her own skin. Nothing takes the place of confidence. Absolutely nothing. The best way to be confident is to pursue a goal that means a lot to you and replay it in your mind, reminding yourself of how you were strong enough to do whatever it was. Constantly tell yourself ' I MAY NOT BE BETTER THAN  ANYONE ELSE- BUT I'M ALWAYS JUST AS DAMN GOOD!!!
 Say it until you believe it, Also reframe your failures, into learning experiences This way instead holding you back, they propel you forward. I'll give you an example...
Years ago when I lived in Texas, I had a client (I was a nurse's aide) and I was at her home and she was crying to her best friend about how her husband  had left her for another woman. She was sobbing uncontrollably and her friend let her cry for a few minutes. The woman (we'll call her Mary, and her friend Kim) Mary lifted her head and looked pitifully at Kim and said:
" Well, he  didn't want me anymore, and he sure got rid of me!" Then she lowered her head and sobbed some more. Kim very gently lifted her friends face, looked her in the eyes and said; "Honey- He didn't get rid of you!  God got rid of him because he knew you deserved better!!!"
 When she said that, Mary's whole demeanor changed. She pulled herself up, dried her tears and asked tentatively " You think so?" Kim reassured her that that was the case and that God had told her specifically that Mary deserved better, and he was going to send her cheating lying husband packing.  Now, I don't know if God told that to Kim, but I do know that I saw Mary dry her tears and smile for the first time that week! Those words from Kim made a total difference in her world, and all Kim had done was REFRAME THE SITUATION! 
You can do this too. Learning to do this will make your life 1000% better. If you didn't get the job, maybe you need more training so you can fit the position, or maybe it's that there's a better job waiting for you. Never tell yourself " I didn't get that job because I'm a loser!" Because, said enough,  you will create the perfect storm in your life, to become a loser! Be very very careful of what you say to yourself, remember that YOU are always listening!... The best way to be confident is to be your own best friend and talk yourself through the rough spots in life...

I have many women in my family, who are very very outspoken and headstrong. This seems to be a proclivity black women have in droves. Although I admit some of these mean women, are my WHITE aunts so I guess it's not restricted to color at all. But  Sometimes, I cringe at how some of them will snap on ppl at the slightest provocation. But I notice one person in my family I always admire because she has such great personality. She's very kind and compassionate, but don't ever make the mistake of taking her kindness for weakness, because she will turn on a dime and let you know about yourself. Yet, she is genuine and speaks her mind. She does not beat around the bush or talk about ppl behind their backs. She will simply let you know how she feels and if she thinks she have done something deliberate or accidentally to offend her. I notice ppl always gravitate to her. They absolutely seem drawn to her honest, sweet/kind, yet assertive nature. Ladies, this is something worth striving for because most ppl will veer to far into one lane or the other. A person who can speak their mind without getting 'ignorant' is rare indeed these days. When you can dismantle your opponent without resorting to profane language or violence, it is an amazing skill, and one that will draw ppl like a magnet to you!
So bottom line, learn to be a kind and genuine person, but NEVER let ppl walk all over you....

Really do this! Ladies now a day there are gyms that cost about 15.00 a month!!! There is NO excuse not to have a membership!  (unless you have a home gym) But at that amazing price why not have both? I do. and sometimes I feel like exercising with others ( I'll go to the reg gym) and sometimes I don't (I'll exercise at my house) But make it easy for yourself to get into good habits. If you get off at 4 and you know you need to exercise, see if you can hit the gym BEFORE you go home. The chances of you going back after you are home and resting after a long hard day are pretty SLIM! But really get some exercise, it's great not only for the heart, muscles, skin, system, libido, confidence, youth, vigor, health, longevity, sex appeal, stress relief, and too many other benefits to count, but it calm and invigorate you. The benefits are simply too numerous to name, but ladies, just do it, cuz it will improve your life in so many many ways!!
Taking care of yourself also means taking hygiene seriously. Take a shower daily and WASH YOUR HAIR AND BEHIND YOUR EARS REGULARLY!!  My cousin owns a hair shop and she constantly complains about how many women don't wash behind their stinking ears and leave their weaves in until they practically become embedded in their scalps!!!  Every shower (which should mean every day!!) should find you cleaning your ears as well as your body.  With hair, ladies wash it at least 2x a week. You don't have to use shampoo because I know shampoo can be drying with black hair, but you can Co wash with conditioner, and only shampoo once per month as long as you are co washing bi weekly. I personally love Loreal conditioners, but I've heard great things about Keratin, and Omega.. But we'll talk about that another time, just keep your hair, body, nails clean...
Now the last thing I'll say about taking care of yourself, is that you pamper yourself at least once a week. This goes back to letting YOU KNOW that YOU ARE WORTH IT! Many women will buy their children the best and completely neglect themselves. No. You must treat yourself like you are something special if you want others to do the same! Arrange to go get your feet done, or manicure or whatever makes you feel special and pampered and happy. Life is just too short not to enjoy it. So really pamper yourself with whatever you enjoy and it will make you feel like a million bucks...

When you look good, you feel good, you don't have to have a great big budget either. There are too many stores where you can find lower cost but still stylish attractive clothing. Now I in all honesty would tell you ladies to NOT shop at thift stores for your clothing. I know you can find great bargains there, but the problem is a lot of times when women put on a thrift store item, they FEEL SECONDHAND!! Now if it honestly does not bother you, then cool. It's ok for you. But if you feel like cringing or would burst into tears if someone knew where you bought the item, then don't do it! Clothing should make you feel however you WANT to feel, comfortable, slender, exotic, sexy, wholesome etc. But if you want to feel sexy and expensive and you shop at Good Will, you probably will end up feeling cheap and secondhand. So that's a personal choice but just be aware of how some stores may make you FEEL, because in the end what you feel, will be projected outward... Note: that if you wear a tight top try to pear it with a loose bottom. Or if you wear a tight bottoms try to pear with a  loose top. You don't want both tight, it tends to look tawdry.. Learn to accentuate ONE body part ONLY! This is a little sexy secret for those who didn't know...

 Positive people are much more alluring and exciting than morose, depressed and despondent people. Duh, positiveness tends to radiate outward and draw ppl like a beacon. It's attracting. 
Learn to focus on the bright side and let it shine through your soul. Life is just too short to be sad, sluggish and unhappy. And if you do the great tips I'v given you above, you'll find your life is 100% better and you'll have tons of reasons to smile big! Know that men are attracted to a beautiful smile like crazy.  Also know that if you take care of yourself and exercise and dress stylishly, that most ppl will find you very attractive regardless of your actual physical looks! This is also another little sexy secret!  PLAIN WOMEN CAN BE MADE BEAUTIFUL BY CLEANLINESS, ATTIRE, CONFIDENCE AND A PRETTY SMILE! You see Hollywood do this all the time! Look at Reese Witherspoon!, Jennifer Gardner, Sarah Jessica Parker!...
But attitude prevails and can turn a ugly duckling into a swan with the right accompaniments...
Get your teeth together and SMILE. If you feel your teeth are not white enough-do this take a capful of coconut or sesame oil and put it in your mouth daily and swish it. This will kill germs and whiten teeth (slowly-over weeks) but it does work, and it's NATURAL, AND HEALTHY  Like I've said time and again, try to avoid OTC products as much as possible and go natural as much as you possibly can....

Nothing is sexier and more exhilarating than working toward a goal1 And nothing draws ppl like a determined, go getter who is moving and shaking and making things happen!!
A lot of ppl do not realize how attractive go getter energy is! Do something spectacular (for you) and watch how men who have never given you the time of day become attracted to you!
Write a book, make a play, Do public speaking, start a company,  Just become the leader and initiator of SOMETHING! Take charge and watch your sex appeal sky rocket! And not only that, your self esteem, and self worth and self image will also sky rocket!! You will see YOURSELF differently and you'll never be the same. Trust me on this and just do it. You will be shocked at how much it will improve your life. Will there be haters? OF COURSE! But you will have haters in life regardless.. So learn to go for it and immediately you will see a vast life improvement...

Being mesmerizing is a lot harder than being any of the individual parts. A mesmerizing woman is the total package, and often embodies all the qualities and characteristics a man is looking for. It often does not matter whether she is pretty or plain because HE will think she is gorgeous regardless' I have a perfect example of the mesmerizing woman, and her captivating ways.
The example is Diana Ross! She's beautiful, fun, flirty, alluring, appealing, magnetic, a go getter, positive and charming. This is how she was able to wrap Michael Jackson around her little finger. He was helpless around her. He was so deeply in love with her that he chased her for over 2 decades and literally begged her to marry him! He bought her everything her heart desired, and wrote tons of songs, poems, and love notes to her. He followed her like a puppy, and divorced wives to get to her! He was hopelessly smitten with her. Why? Because she embodied Everything he was looking for in a woman, and then some.

And do you know what MJ said about her? He said quote:  "Diana Ross is more than beautiful, It's much more than her physical beauty, She's got Je ne se quoi- And it's deadly!!

So we'll go more in depth with this a bit later, this post is getting a tad too long, but I wanted to give you all a rough idea of what I meant by mesmerizing.
So thank yall for coming out, see you next post....