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BW Moving on from men who can't see the beauty of dark skinned women... + some wealth ideas....

These are the exact type of women bm claim not to want, so what is the problem when 'other' men snatch them up?

I cannot understand why the women, black men claim they don't want, cause them to go crazy with anger and seething venom, when they are snatched up by white men. I was reading about the reaction to Venus's upcoming marriage. I have posted a few comments below. My question is, why are black men so biased to, and hard on black women?

What is she supposed to do, Not get married because brothers don't think she is worthy! I mean if bm think Venus is ugly (because they are colorstruck and self-hating, not because she actually is) Then what the hell is the problem if she marries someone who has the sense to see that she is very attractive and completely lovable? Are we supposed to live and die alone because bm have made themselves unavailable! I say hell no! I for one have always believed in only giving my time and attention to men who treated me well. If he did not, I removed myself from the situation. I think we have got to stop worrying about what brothers will think about us stepping out of the box, because it's like the little boy with the cookie. He does not want it, but he certainly does not want another little boy to have his cookie! Unfortunately bm often see us the same way. As mere possessions and not living, breathing beings who have legitimate needs. Why else would they dog a girl they don't even consider attractive, because she dared stray toward a white man?

Even some of the women dogged her and called her sell out. (probably in an effort to please the brothas) I say, just because you can't or won't step outside the box don't down me because I choose to live fully. Life is too short to WAIT ON A BROTHA! There are millions of men in this world, plenty enough for every woman to have one. but if you eliminate more than 90% and only focus on the black men what do you think your chances of finding Mr Right will be? You will have a needle in a haystack chance of finding a good man, who is marriage minded, who is not color struck, who is willing to make a commitment, who finds you attractive/desirable and feels that you are the one. Good luck my sista because if black is all that you want, you're chances of finding the right one are down to almost nil!
And wishing harm or malevolent will upon a sista because she is living her life as she sees fit, is ignorance of the highest order. Do we not realize that when we wish something upon others, we drastically increase the chances of bringing that wish our way? I long ago realized this, and that is why I wish ill on no one. I think we need to take a tip from Whoopi, in the color purple when she said: "as you done to me already done to you!"

I think we need to stop allowing sistas who may have something we want to be treated like garbage. We need to realize that no one can stop the good God has for us except for us.There is no need to be jealous of another sista. This only serves to hinder our good. We do this by begrudging a fellow sista her good, her love, her health and her wealth. Most of the mean spirited comments were coming from brothers but bw were calling her sell out, and mannish as well. I think this is just covert jealousy, and hatred. She has a right to fall in love with whomever she falls in love with. And who are we to judge? This is why so many of us are shackled in our problems because we are wishing bad on others and it is coming around to bite us on the ass. When you see a sista who is doing great. Smile and realize that she is showing you the way, not showing you up! When you see someone doing not so well, say a little prayer for them that they may find their way, but also remember the biblical quote: " there but for the grace of God -go I"

George Lucas is being called strange lookin, troll, unattractive and old because his girl looks so young. I believe she is in her forties, but she def. looks in her early 30s and they are furious that he (who looks late 50s -early 60s ) is with her! This is extremely common among bw to look young for a long time. She is still young for him but she is not 30something. And even if she was, I say who's business is it but his and hers. They don't need to justify their relationship to anyone. I think people are really furious because he is mega-rich and she is very dark and pretty. He is not supposed to be attracted to her. She is even being called a gold digger even though she is already a millionaire and does not need his money! Jealously is a very ugly emotion. We must strive to be the best we can be in our lives so that we can avoid this very ugly emotion. Jealously will turn everything in your life upside down and make you feel less than. Sistas if you are suffering from jealously, you must let it go! It will destroy YOU not the other person. Some simple ways to get rid of it is to make a list of all your wonderful qualities/gifts and read it daily. You may also want to thank the universe for all your blessings including your limbs, family and health. Think of all the people in the world who would give their eyeteeth to have your life. two thirds of the world lives on less than 2 dollars per day! We are the richest nation in the world and we don't even appreciate how blessed we are. Instead we tear each other down and make horrible remarks like some of the ones below that were made regarding Venus ( who is actually, a very nice looking, and classy young woman) and Mellody who is lovely, well traveled, rich and elegant, or Alfre who is loving and kind and has a beautiful soul...My question is if bw are not jealous of other bw who step outside the box and live fully-then stop dogging her! And if bm don't care what the hell we do as they claim because we are not what they want anyway, then stop throwing a hissy fit when a white man snatches one of us up! Stop being hypocrites, black men date out at twice the rate we do, so what is the problem? What's good for the goose really is good for the gander, and black women need to move on to BETTER men. If he's black and he's a good man I'm all for that. If he's white and he's a good man I'm all for that, If he's Native American and he's a good man.....You get the point. It's about a good man, a good father, a good companion. A good life partner.. If love, and devotion is what you want, don't settle for less...

Below are some wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

Wealth idea #1 (windows to profits)

Here is an idea for those of you who do not personally want to do the work, yet do not mind supervising others. You can have this business up in about 1 month and the benefits are:
No office needed, you can work from home.
No previous experience required (easy to learn)
Work full or part-time
This is needed in EVERY city.
Very low start-up capital needed. (150-400.00
You can pretty easily earn 4-5000 per month with this business if you are willing to work (supervise people.) What you do is this; Place an ad for businesses needing window washing, If you want to build your business really fast go out and meet business owners, talk to them about their dirty windows and leave them your business card. (pass 1000 to have all the business you can handle in 3 months!) Anyway if you don't mind building more slowly, place an ad and when people call, say that you are swamped and that you will call them back when
you have someone available. In the meantime, place an employee wanted ad like this:
(Good paying job, no exper. nec. strong, dependable and puncual is a must! call____________ for an interview.

Interview at a public place Mcdonalds is fine. DO NOT LET TOTAL STRANGERS NEAR YOUR HOME! Have them bring proof of ID, citizenship and references. As you all know, I believe in the background check. -however that is totally up to you if you choose to to use it. Once they are hired supply them with basic window cleaning supplies, almost everything you need can be found at the dollar store except for the ladder. (you can have them use a long handled window squeegee instead.) This business will never go out of style because so many people hate doing windows. A very easy way to get all the business you could ever want is to partner with maid services and cross promote. They hate being asked to do windows and would welcome the chance to refer someone else to do them. You on the other hand will constantly be asked for people who will do all the other work and you can recommend the maid services, that you choose to work with. You can charge by the window or by the hour 20-25 .00 per hour or 3-7 .00 per window depending on the size. Or you can have the windows counted and give a flat rate. If your workers do a good job business will EXPLODE because word of mouth will get you more work than you have people to handle. Usually I do not recommend having a DBA with workers but this business will allow you to cover you butt like this; Get a DBA at your county courthouse, use it to open a business acct. Insert the checks and cash from your customers and pay your employees with a business check. C.O.A. > *Cover your ass * -have your employees sign an agreement stating that they will be liable for any damage that they cause to a premise.and that THEY will pay for it. (subtract it from their pay) Give them a copy and keep one on file. Use these tips to look/be more professional.
have them wear matching clothes (like black pants and shirts with co. name and phone# (Google personalized clothing)
use a set-aside phone or answering service to take calls (you can get a answering service for less than 20.00 per month (Google answering service)
Use magnetic signs on your car or make your employees use them when on the job.
Use printed envelopes and invoices ( I use a company I found by just yahooing (cheap printing) I pay about 50 bucks for 1000 very nice envelopes!
Now it is up to you. You can go on and complain that you hate your job and they do not pay you enough for this bullsh*t. I have news for you THEY NEVER WILL PAY YOU ENOUGH! PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID TO STEP OUT INTO RISK MUST ALWAYS SETTLE FOR THE CRUMBS! That is the way it has always been. Ask yourself how much are you going to pay your workers? The answer is "as little as possible" that is just the way it is. You are going to say to yourself "this is America they could have started something of their own, they didn't have the guts, so they must work for me and settle for what I pay and that's the way it is. I can ALWAYS find more workers who will work for peanuts! and you would be right. People are so afraid of doing their own thing, they will settle for peanuts too many times to count. It's not nice but it is LIFE. If you want the best in life, you must give it to yourself: Nobody else will!
This business will probably not make you a millionaire, but it could fairly easily make you 100.000 per year. It definitely works, and the fact that is is a hated job is the beauty of it. It is a service that will never go out of style and it will feed and clothe your family in financial security, warmth and comfort for as long as you choose to work it.

Wealth Idea#2 (driveway mad money)

This is one that should appeal to all you lazy people out there. Because you can earn mad money doing almost nothing.
If your home is located near a busy downtown or college campus, you can earn some mad money this way. In this part of New Jersey parking is terrible. I know of a person who not only rents out her double driveway for 100.00 per month each space =200.00 per month but she has rented 6 spaces near her home from her neighbors (unused spots) for 40-50.00 each and re-rents them for 100.00 each. She gives her renters a little pass signed by her with the date of expiration and they leave it in their front window so the neighbor knows it is one of "her cars" and not to have it towed. she makes 500.00 per month doing absolutely nothing! (except a small sign on her grass saying parking places for rent with phone #.) If your town won't permit the sign, you can use college bulletin boards, Ads or word of mouth. This is just for mad money this will not pay your bills but it sure helps if you just need a little spending money, especially since you are doing absolutely nothing!

Wealth Idea # 3. (Biz Directory:)

Did you know that there are now over 25 million businesses operating out of American homes! Its true, and everyday that figure goes up! More and more we are in the entrepreneurial age. Many home biz owners would love a resource that would enable them to publicize their businesses. And many people are looking for what these businesses offer, and would utilize them if they knew where to locate them and what they offered.

If you cannot think of a business that would be right for you, starting a home resource guidebook could easily be your key to fame (in your town) and definitely your key to fortune.

Start by picking a name. Something like 'Temple's truest bargains ' or ' Phenomenal Philly savings' You get the idea. Think like the phone book, they publish all the info for free and charge for ads, larger listings, slogans, extra space etc. Obviously this is a very successful operation as they do it every single year. No one continues an operation unless it makes good money.

Contact home businesses by phone, mail or flyer and give them a questionnaire about their business. Explain that you are making a directory and they can get a free listing. Put them under a selected heading (for easy reference) If they want to be under more than one heading, charge them. If they want their slogan included, or an ad as well, charge them. Stress to all businesses that they must be honest and fair. If they would like to include a pic or an about me information paragraph, charge them for that. Use your imagination. You can make this business as big as you like. But as I was saying, make sure you stress that the business must be honest in all their dealings. All businesses with repeated complaints should be eliminated. An excellent way to get publicity fast is to cross-promote. Have some of the businesses give issues to their clients or give free mentions to their clients. This will enable you to build the directory fast and your reputation as well. Make sure you have a cross variety of ads and that you also include a few of your own for the directory. Republish at a set time every so often and as your business grows so will your financial leverage in your community. This is an excellent way to become one of the most known and sought after women in your community. You simply place a picture of yourself in every issue with an about me article. (Do not include your address!!!) As your directory grows larger and larger, so will your fame and reputation. You can expand to businesses that are small, yet now home based and expand even faster. You can also include a few tips for buying sales or coupons or specials that people can cut out and use. Shop around for the cheapest printer. Prices can vary alot. People will often pick up your directory for just this reason. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will work at first for little money, but along the way it will grow beyond your dreams-provided you stick with it. These are some of the things you should charge extra for.
1. bold
2. inserts like (see advertisement)

3. Advertisements

4. first in line under heading

5. about me info/picture

You can even offer a small free ad to new customers so they can see the value in continuing with your directory. Most will jump at the chance for free publicity. Some benefits to your customers are:

1 More and more will want to be included as your guide becomes the definitive place to look for home businesses
2. Other businesses will read the directory in order to find out what the competition is doing.

3. As your customers business grows, they will have more money to buy larger ads with you.

4. Use your customers name and info to add to your own mailing list (you can sell the list or sell something that can to be sold to the list)

5. Another service you can offer is general info on the community and articles about schools, citizens, local officials - or anything that increases readership and makes people want to get their hands on a copy

6. You can have a what's hot now category or who's hot now category, that has people fighting to get into it. Use your imagination. You can turn your little enterprise into a million dollar enterprise.

Some ways to get your paper to the public

1. school kids to distribute door to door.

2. distribute to stores fliers for it

4. use your customers as distribution points

Pick up other directories and see how they run it. Then simply copy a successful one. Good luck and remember you can always contact me for help...

Many people give up because success does not come instantaneously. That is not the way life works. IF you are not willing to put in the work and wait for the results, you can pretty much forget having any business and just continue to work all your life. This business does work! And it can be the key to a whole new life if you stick with it in the early months. In six months you can easily be making 3,ooo per month and it can easily double without much more effort from there. But you must stick it out when you begin and the money is not where you want it to be. That is one of the secrets of the millionaires. They know that small drips become great gushes with time and effort. ( for help or advice-my readers only)

Beauty tip for the ladies:
Ladies let me tell you something. Some people think that being thin is very sexy. I say only if you are fit and firm. Lets face it, a firm 150 lb woman is going to be far sexier and firmer than a sloppy, toneless, sagging 120 lb woman. I want you all to realize that because many women think as long as they are thin, they are sexy. Not True! If you are sagging, and toneless regardless of your weight, you will not look good! You must tone up and spend some time at least 5 days per week in excercise! While you may be trying to firm up, here are some figure tips:

If you have a shape that MUST be toned down (like me) including large breasts, too round rear end and small waist. You will want to wear dark colors and soft fabrics. Scoop necklines are great for the big chested girl as well as small delicate necklaces. Wear a good bra and avoid slouching to make your chest less conspicuous (it does not work, and just gives you bad posture) I really love blouses that are long and soft as they are great for hiding a large chest and de-emphasizing an overly curvaceous rear end. Never wear tight clothing as it will empathise everything. Leave off the bright colors and large designs. (unless you are very thin, and need to look bigger) A great way to get in shape, look fabulous and never break a sweat is to exercises. A 1 hour walk daily will have you skin glowing , your hair growing and your body slimming beautifully. You will also feel sexier every day and digestion as well as sleep will become effortless. Whatever you ladies do, please get a good exercises program that you enjoy. It will take away stress, weight, and sagging and make you feel beautiful from the inside out.

Thank you all for tuning in -see you next post...


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