Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to TEACH a man to treat you right!

Ladies, the following story is just an example of how men LEARN to act the way they act. Many times women ask. " Why does he treat me like this?" The reason is usually, because you taught him he could get away with it! Many women cannot accept this, and seek out exterior sources to blame. However when you blame your problems on outside elements, that means they are beyond YOUR control and you are at the mercy of those problems. So, assuming it's your issue, and your issue to change is really quite liberating..

Now, please hear me. I'm not saying if a man is a complete jerk, it's your fault. What I am saying is that if that jerk STAYS in your life, then yes, that IS your fault because you should have given him the boot fast...

I've provided 2 examples, so you can see what I'm talking about...

See if you can tell after reading the following .....
Mike pushed his blond hair back, and surveyed the room. His brother Louis, who owned a predominant share in their finance company, seemed to be busy fighting off the office women as usual. He looked up at him and gestured for help. Mike just laughed. He and his brother both were very used to the tenacious attentions of opportunistic females. He could smell them a mile away. What most of the women did not know was that he and his brother, both of whom were blond haired, blue eyed, and all American looking, both preferred black women. His friends and family had long ago come to terms with it, and it no longer seem to matter, that is , except to white women, who often threw hissy fits upon seeing him with his latest date. But he was in his 30s and ready to settle down. More and more he had been dreaming of a wife instead of just a one night stand. He sighed as he realized his big brother was standing over him, squinting.

"Penny for your thoughts man" Louis pulled out a chair and sat down. Mike shook his head, not quite sure he was ready to admit what was on his mind. Louis spread his muscular arms wide, then gestured for their mutual friend Jackson to join them. A moment later Jackson appeared with Don in towe. Mike sighed. When the 4 of them got together, all they seemed to talk about was football, and for once he was not in the mood. Jackson looked closely at him. His black skin shining under the bright lights "whatsup with you boy?" Don broke in " looks like female trouble t'me" he said trying to hide the southern accent he was often teased about. "Nah, I just ... I guess I'm just a little bored" Mike confessed hoping they would let it drop. His brother leaned toward him, his handsome face crinkled in amusement."what the hell you bored for? too many women, too much money, too many cars, man tell me!" Mike glared at him, but did not answer. Everyone seemed to think if you had lots of money life was perfect-but his life was empty as hell and he knew it. "listen man, " his brother motioned for him to move closer "I need you to do me a big favor..." Mike cut him off " No way man I'm not going to fire anybody for you or-" Louis held up his hand "Man I don't need you to, I have no problem firing people who don't pull their weight. No this is something else..." His voice trailed off, then with what looked like a go-ahead look from Jackson he continued. "There are two women I need you to take out, One this week, and one next week.

" He held up his hand to silence Mike's protest "Man listen one is your dreamgirl I guarantee it. The other we just need to make her happy so we can get her business!" Mike rolled his eyes "man why me? I mean what about Jackson? you know I ain't into white girls" Louis shook his head slightly at Mike the way one looks at a mentally challenged child "Who said they were white?" he asked quietly. Jackson laughed "yeah one of em, we think is just perfect for you, you'll see she's fierce! the other well she'll do in a pinch" Mike did not like it. He didn't like feeling like he was being set up, and he didn't need his brother to pick his dates. But Louis would not take no for an answer and mike finally agreed "I won't even spend money on their asses" he thought "I'll take em both to the cove, talk em out of their drawers and be on my way!" He laughed at the thought of his brother's face when he did not get the business he was aiming for "it'll serve him right " he thought sneakily. "Let me go get a new suit..."

When Mike pulled up to the large dark house, He surveyed it quietly before he began to he beep impatiently. Not bothering to get out and go meet her first, he simply remained seated. He  leaned back in his beamer and waited. She emerged a moment later. Beautiful, dark and sexy looking, with hair weave flowing over her slim shoulders. His brother had said her name was Pam. That was easy enough to remember, at least for the night. She was dressed in a short, tight dress that left her breasts hanging over the top. Her weave was thick and heavy and she wore far more makeup than such a pretty face required. She got into the car and smiled at him. She didn't seem to be at all annoyed by the fact that he did not come to the door. He was used to women letting him get away with shit.

When you're rich, handsome, and extremely well connected the normal rules don't seem to apply. " Oh everybody said you were gorgeous" she gushed "they were right" He didn't bother to answer. Obviously, she was the dreamgirl, and yeah she was hot and all, so why did he feel so let down? They drove up to the cove and got out. Pam grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breast. He looked at her quickly to see if it had been an accident but the mischievous look on her face told him otherwise. "So what'll you like to do?" he asked. trying to keep the boredom out of his tone. He had dated women like her a thousand times. "I love to go to the country club and-" Mike tuned her out. His attention was on her hot body. Her breasts pushing against the rim of a dress that looked 2 sizes too small. She seemed to notice what he was staring at and giggled. A moment later they were locked in a passionate embrace, getting hotter by the moment. "you wanna go to the hilton?" she breathed. Mike just looked her, thinking '_Why the hell should I,?  - You ain't worth all the trouble of checking in and paying 300 bucks!"

"Ah no baby, he breathed. I want you too bad!" She fell for it. In minutes they had disposed of their clothes and given way to pure passion. Two hours later, Mike lay spent, his breathing slowly returning to normal. Pam turned to him "I'm so glad we met" she gushed. " On our next date maybe we could see that new movie..." Once again he had tuned her out. He was listening to the sound of the water lapping against the shore. He had always loved that sound since childhood. Pam's voice pierced his thoughts. "maybe we could go to the beach or the movies or -" He shot her a, shut the hell up look, "Mike! she wined, You're not even listening to me! I'm telling you my feelings about- " "about what?" he shot back,
"Woman I don't even know you" and frankly you're voice is starting to get on my nerves!"

Pam looked like he had slapped her. In the next instant she was sobbing "you must think I'm some kind of whore!" she moaned. Mike was getting more irritated by the moment "Did this idiot expect an instant relationship from a cheap screw? She really was stupid. " It's getting cold, he murmured, " I better get you home." When they got in the car he turned on the stereo, and let the temptations take him to another place. Soon they pulled up to her house. He turned to look at her. Pam's face was red and blotchy from crying. She looked weak and vulnerable, he was so turned off, he had to look away. "would you walk me to the door? " she asked, but it sounded more like plead. Reluctantly he walked her up the walk "will I see you again?" she asked hopefully "Yeah sure, " he murmured, knowing he was lying. She tried to reach for another kiss, but he was already backing away. He could not wait to get away from her desperate ass, He practically sprinted to the car...

When Mike pulled up to the small but cute, cottage looking house, he did not know what to expect. If the last girl was the dreamgirl, "my God what must this one be like?" he wondered. He tried honking but no one came to the door. Getting irritated, he walked up and knocked. The door slid open and a brown skinned woman with her hair in a ponytail and very little make up, peered up at him. She was attractive but not nearly to the degree of someone like Pam.but She did have big brown eyes and sensuous lips. He was shocked to see her wearing very little makeup and dressed in jeans and a pretty pink blouse. Women usually went all out for him! She was on the slim side and her body was very nicely proportioned, missing the super large breasts and booty he usually went for. He knew her name was alexis but that was all he knew about her. "Ah I honked " He murmured. "no, you didn't " she said evenly. He squinted in confusion "yes I did I-" She held up her manicured hand and looked into his face " No, you did not " She repeated "unless you were honking for someone else because My dates do not honk, they come to my door!" Mike's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was so taken aback, he stuttered.  " uh ok..."  This was a total surprise. He had a sudden feeling this date would be very different than so many others he had been on.

"who doe's this chick think she is?' he wondered. but he had to admit, he was feeling the first stirrings of respect for her.  She stepped outside, and fell in step beside him, Her perfume subtle and classy. _just like her,_ he found himself thinking. He opened the car door for her and she rewarded  him  with a slight smile. He tried not to smile back, but lost, she was so damn adorable sitting there, with her head held high, like some kind of princess! As soon as he turned on the temptations, she started to sing. He was blown away at the beauty of her voice, as well as her confidence. When he complimented her beautiful voice instead of waving the compliment away, she smiled and said "thanks everyone in my family can sing." It seemed only moments passed before they reached the cove. "Ah I thought we could get to know each other .." He stammered in response to her surprised look. " that's fine," she said finally." but next time ask if I feel like coming here instead of eating or something" He nodded, wondering once again who this woman thought she was! No woman controlled him! He was going to show her who was boss. They talked about everything. She was passionate about her new business and all the plans she had for it. Mike watched her face beam with excitement as she talked about her business. Usually the only thing he saw a woman that excited about was HIM!

He was at a complete loss to explain why he liked her so much, but he had to admit that he did. A few minutes later he lapsed into silence and listened to the water push against the shore. She was watching him " Are you listening to the water lap the shore?" she asked. Mike looked at her stunned. "how did you know?" he asked "because your eyes went to the side, you were in auditory mode" " I was in what?" he laughed. "auditory mode! it just means you were hearing things in your head " she smiled. She leaned in closer "I do that too! she confided. " I love the sound of the water! Mike's heart started a faster beat. He starred at alexis wondering what it was about her that made his heart pound. Why did he feel like he had known her forever, when they just met a few hours ago! " He leaned in "Can I kiss you?" He asked quickly, realizing he was holding his breath. She nodded, and they shared a kiss so sweet he knew he would be on cloud 9 for days. She seemed to be in tune to him in a way he had never experienced before. He felt like he was under a spell! Way too soon she made him take her home. He rushed to open the car door and help her from the car. She looked up at him her big brown eyes glittering in the moonlight, and lovely brown skin reminiscent of chocolate silk. He wondered how he had ever thought Pam was prettier than her. He knew now without a doubt she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. At the door he rushed to ask if he could see her again next Friday. She hesitated, Mike bit his lip so hard it almost bled
. Finally she looked up at him "I have plans for Friday and Saturday, but I can see you on Sunday" she said finally. A big smile broke out on his face as she hugged him good bye. He could smell her freshly washed hair and feel the softness of her skin. His heart raced at her nearness. He couldn't wait until Sunday! "I'm gonna take her to Maxine's" he thought "No, I'll take her to the country club, she'll like that."  ' _and I'll bring flowers and candy_ he thought hurriedly. He began to plan the date in his head. This time he would bring flowers and candy and take her to the country club, and show her what a gentlemen he really was. . "Damn Louis" He thought "Why didn't he tell me I was going to meet my dream girl?"...

What did Pam do wrong that Alexis did right?

Why did Mike feel so much connection with Alexis?

Why did he feel under a spell, -was it just a coincidence?

why did Alexis suddenly seem so much more beautiful to him?

And most of all, how did she manage to turn herself into his dream girl in his eyes?

Ladies, always set the tone in the beginning of your relationship in order to avoid alot of problems along the way. Will there still be problems? Of course, honey this is life not a soap opera, but you can alleviate or exaggerate alot of the relationship problems in the long haul simply by how you act at the beginning. The truth is YOU are teaching him how much he can get away with and whether you are a dream girl or a doormat simply by what you say/or don't say and how you act/ or don't act.
This is called, setting a precedent. and it is extremely important. Why? Because this is what he will come to expect. If you start the relationship off taking crap, he will give you more and more of it. Always make it clear from the outset, you expect to be treated well. The men who are willing to step up to the plate will stick around and treat you like a jewel, the ones who have no intentions of being Honorable will fade away. Either way you are much better off. Ladies, you MUST have standards and requirements! No matter what anyone tells you. Women who get what they want always have standards and requirements. Real men are very used to rising to the occasion. They are used to performing at work, working hard for promotions, working hard when they hunt, fish, or play sports. They understand rising to the occasion quite well and very efficient at it. However, the woman who allows a man to just come and go as he pleases, and walk all over her will soon find herself relegated to the bed mate category while he searches for his choosy dream girl. Even nice men will take freebies while looking for someone with more class and standards. The way you act in the beginning WILL set the tone for the relationship and once it's set, it is extremely hard to change it. Never let him get away with anything in the beginning. Let him know: " This is what I want, and this is what I will not accept!" This should be done in a sweet and steadfast fashion. There is no need to be nasty or get angry. He should know by your very actions and the way you carry yourself, what you will and won't tolerate. If he's obtuse and does not have a clue. Give him one. If he suggests you skip the movie and go to a hotel instead (long before he has a right to hope for such a thing) Simply Tell him: " Oh I understand you don't want to see the movie, perhaps you should take me home and we'll see it so other time." Look him in the eye and smile sweetly. If he's a gentleman he will immediately become contrite and back off. If he's not, then you should immediately exit his car, as soon as it is safe to do so. The bottom line is that you MUST set the tone from the inception of a relationship and guide him to treating you like a queen...... or kick him to the curb if he refuses to toe the line.... Post in 2 days... thank y'all for tuning in....

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lies, told to black women to keep them off fearful, and off balance...

These are 2 of the main lies told to bw to make them stay, when they should actually be running!

2 of the main lies: (a.) bm leave for ww because you are sexually repressed.

(B.) Good bw do anything to get a bm and never consider a wm....

I was listening to a radio host the other day. He comes on the same station as Steve Harvey. (at a later time) He was insinuating that bw were losing bm because they were too sexually repressed. He went on to say that other women were far more sexually liberated than bw and that was why they were stealing bm. I could feel my blood starting to boil. Then I listened as bw called in and in almost pleading tones, practically promised to turn sexual cartwheels for bm! While many bm called in to second him on his analysis, and say that their women (non black) certainly were sexually liberated and therefore better than bw. They went on to say that yes, he was right, it is a bw's fault that she is alone. The host then had the nerve to say that bw were not swingers and implied in a very overt and disgusted tone, that this made her corny and old fashioned. He urged bw to be swingers implying that contributed to the reason they had lost the bm. Now I was so angry I had to stop for a cold soda and cool off. I could not believe for the life of me how a man who is supposed to be held as mentor and role model to millions of people could ever be so callous, cruel and socially irresponsible! First of all let me say that even if you are the most SEXUALLY LIBERATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD-HONEY NOW AIN'T THE TIME TO SWING!!!! Ladies, although I am old fashioned (and proud of it BTW) I am not casting aspersions upon anyone's life style. But now is NOT THE TIME!!! Many women are laying in hospital beds dying as we speak because they were trying to please a man!!! Don't do it!!! Don't let the BC and all the damaged cartoon characters in it convince you that you need to have sex with multiple people, engage in behaviors you find abhorrent, or sexually capitulate to men who's sexual histories you are unsure/unaware of! What this man is advocating is a sexual suicide mission!!! And I cannot believe his radio station would permit it! To advocate swinging in a day and age when people are walking STDs!!! That's beyond crazy-it should be criminal to condone and encourage it. And then aside from the inherent physical dangers of such actions, what about the internal damage to your psyche. As Steve Harvey always says:
"a man can wash his part off and go on about his way-But a woman, it's inside, once he's in her body -he's in her mind-and soon her heart"

This is so true. This is why women often fall in love with the wrong man-because she has slept with him. Then nature in it's quest for procreation will convince her that she is in love with him. All the while he was using her and is now planning his next conquest. Ladies, there is nothing to be gained by sleeping with men you are not deeply emotionally, invested in and committed to. Please don't let the manipulators fool you. Monkeys in trees should swing NEVER PEOPLE!!! Your body should never be treated like a smorgasbord for everyone to sample! This man is a LIAR!!! Yes, I said it. I'm not real good about holding my tongue. BM did not leave BW because they refused to to act like naked contortionists. They left because they wanted white women! It's really as simple as that. You can lie to yourself all you want. But that is the reason. and unless you can turn yourself into a ww, chances are they will never come back. My question is: Who gives a damn? most of them are not worth having anyway, so dry your tears and find a good man of any color who can give you the love, commitment and security that you deserve. Ladies, never ever make a fool of yourself for a man. He will use you, step back and laugh at your stupidity and then find someone with more self esteem.....It infuriates me that bw are the ONLY women encouraged to get themselves 'a piece of man' and then act like fools to keep him. No other women are ever encouraged to date losers, multiple baby making failures, school drop outs, and no ambition having, corner dwelling fools that no woman in her right mind would give the time of day to. Other women are encouraged to look for men that will UPLIFT them, and make life easier for them and their progeny. BW are encouraged to look for pieces of men and uplift the sorry ass man! And at the expense of her self esteem, morals and sometimes her very life! This is not only ridiculous, it's an exercise in futility. If a man has no ambition, no pride, no self respect (exp. swinging with anydamnbody) no focus and drive -you cannot give it to him! These are internal deficits that he must reconcile in his own life. You as a woman are not responsible for the actions of grown men! IOWs If a man wants to leave you HONEY -QUICK, HELP HIM PACK! Drop him off at the white girl's house! You do not need anyone who does not want you. That's stupid. That's putting yourself in a no win situation. Recently on a family trip I sat next to my male cousin's new white wife. We talked a few minutes and I casually asked her how she managed to 'get him' with all the competition for him (there were 3 black girls doing everything but standing on their head to try to be with him) She looked at me for a moment. I knew she was debating whether to tell me the truth or not. I nudged her and said " you can tell me girl, it's ok" She smiled, and then whispered conspiratorially. " I knew he wanted a white girl-those 3 were never in the running, they just didn't know it. In fact, he often bought me dinner with the money they gave him! " At this point she broke into high laughter. She never noticed I was not laughing, and that I walked away. But my point is as disgusting as it is to laugh about him using other women, (and taking money from other women!) she certainly set herself up in a winning hand. She knew her only competition was from other white girls, so she never even gave the three blk girls a thought. But what about the bg's why would they give money to a man? Why would they allow him to play 4 women at once? Why would they try to oust each other instead of dumping him? Because they've been taught in the BC- get a bm no matter what the cost. This is what I'm talking about. Any of those girls should have told my cousin off and dumped him but instead they fought over him. This is a no win situation. BM in this position are almost guaranteed to take advantage, and you're guaranteed to get hurt. My point is don't stand on your head for a man. Don't swing or engage in behaviors that can cost your life. Don't listen to fools on the radio telling you bm left because you did not do this or that. What the hell would you want a man who would think about swinging in this day and age for anyway? BM left because they did not want to stay period. So, I say help bm pack - happily drive him to the white girls house, and then pick up her brother on the way home!.....


Wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

Consult your way to 5000-10,000.00 per month!

If you have specialized knowledge of ANY kind, a great business to start is a consulting business. This is something that can be started from home on a part time basis and can grow as your knowledge and confidence in the business grows. Make sure to pick a subject you absolutely love and one that you will be very interested in continuing to study. One of the main reasons why many businesses fail is because people do not take their interest/passion into consideration. Many people are basically looking to get rich without realizing that it is 5x times harder to get rich in an area you dislike as one you like. Self analysis is extremely important. If you hate kids, for God's sake don't try to open a daycare! You will be a colossal failure. Not to mention the poor kids will suffer. If you have specialized knowledge of a particular thing (or are happy to gain said knowledge) then you can be a consultant. It simply means that you would get in touch with companies in your field, and let them know about your service. with (Ads, post cards, fliers, phone calls, or word of mouth)Keep in mind that WOM is much slower and this would be used as a sole means of advertising only, if you want to build very slowly. An easy way to do this biz is look in the paper for help wanted ads. You can contact these companies and make an appointment. See these people regarding problems they are having with various aspects of their business. Talk about how you can help them with new ideas, implemented strategies, or various other solutions. Talk about SOLUTIONS with them. Tell them what you can do for THEM! Price yourself at about double-triple what they would pay their employees and get to work. Some common business problems are:

  1. 1.Fiscal mismanagement
  2. 2.Employee theft
  3. Overage of overtime
  4. Need to downsize to survive
  5. Need to curtail expenses
  6. Need to meet Labor/Union stipulations
  7. Need to stay competitive
  8. Need to come up with fresh image/logo/sales letters etc....
I'm sure you get the idea. You can find a million problems in everyday businesses. And remember that (or buy on Ebay ) on this subject is called; How to succeed as an independent consultant by Herman Holtz Publisher John Wiley and Sons605 third Avenue New York NY 10158
Get Rich with old family recipes!
Did you know that some of the most popular restaurants in your town are probably so popular because of one or two 'favorite dishes or deserts'! Well it's true. Many of the most popular places in any town usually are known for some specialty, which is quietly making the originator of the specialty rich! For instance. I know someone who makes fabulous fudge. She has been making it for years. Well one day a friend of hers convinced her to let her place some on the counter of her family restaurant. She wrapped it nicely and added labels and neatly placed it near the register. Well the result was instantaneous. People clamored for it and begged for more. Soon other restaurants were begging as well. This lady does not want to go nationwide (although she certainly could) she is a little old lady now making 20.000 per month by selling her fudge to restaurants (in other nearby towns) and making it exclusively for this particular restaurant. You can do this too. Some of the most popular dishes in family style restaurants come from ordinary people who have a great recipe. Careful as this is one that can go so big, you'll feel lost and scared. So get a good accountant and try to control the growth. My father, God rest his soul was a fantastic cook. Even better than my mother (and she's a very good cook) He had a pizza recipe that was out of this world! I have never tasted anything like it. And everyone always said the same thing. Whenever he had a pizza party, as he called them. People would beg, plead and pay anything to get in! Restaurants heard of him and offered him money, shares, anything to get that pizza. Unfortunately, daddy was not interested. I think I have told y'all before my father was extremely talented in many ways, yet totally unmotivated to do anything with that talent. He always promised to give us the recipe, but he never did. To this day, we have made thousands of pizza's trying to figure out how to make them taste like his-to no avail. My point is: It really does not do any good for God to bless you with a talent, you refuse to use. Daddy could have made millions in 25 different ways if he had, had a little motivation and desire to do so. But he did not and so he died taking all that wonderful talent with him.... So just know that I can give you all the business ideas in the world, but if you don't have motivation and desire to use them-they can never work....This is a business you can make millions in if you are willing to work hard. It can grow faster than you would believe. Simply take your special recipe and let restaurants try it. Let them see if it will sell. Take it to several and have a nice looking business card wrapped with each item. (with phone number incl. ) If your phone starts to ring off the hook-honey, you are on your way! Get a good accountant and try to control the growth so that you are not overwhelmed.....
1000.00 per week reupholstering furniture (part time!)
Did you know that you can make up to 1000.00 per week upholstering furniture? Well you can. And it does not require much time to learn the skill either. You can Google furniture reupholstering and get started learning for a very modest amount. With the economy in the shape it's in. Many people want to save as much money as they can. Many people would love to have their furniture 'redone' instead of paying for all new furniture. We recently got a new leather couch and love seat set and it was over 2000.00!! So you can see why many people would love to just redo the old. Now this will require someone who has a love of fabrics, style, colors, etc. IOWs someone who has decorating tendencies and loves to make old things new. People please, if this sounds like slave labor to you, then don't waste money buying a kit. You will not be successful in a business you hate. On the other hand, if this sounds great to you read on. The Modern upholstery Institute will practically walk you through how to get started. With tips, samples ads etc. You can work with homeowners, hotels, motels, offices etc. Businesses are great clients because they really do not want to waste money on new furniture that only customers will use and not family members. You can build this as large as you like and remember you can email me with questions at tlm_taylor1991@yahoo.com (this email is for business ideas only, and my readers only...PS, if you want a copy of all the wealth ideas: go to sidebar and follow link that says (Sara's wealth blog) All of the wealth ideas will be there.
Beauty tips for the ladies...
Flaky skin: a great way to control flaky skin is to cut an apple in half and rub half over the face. This will texturize the skin and even the tone while eliminating the flakiness. Once you are finished, rinse. You can also add a little sugar to your palm dampen with water and rub gently over the face-then rinse.
Under eye puffiness:
Fill a clean satin eye pillow (you can easily make some) with buckwheat or lavender. Lie down and cover your eyes with them and take a 15-20 minute rest. When you awake, your eyes will be refreshed and smooth....If eyes are really bad (like from crying all night ) try frozen veggies to reduce the swelling ... And then get whatever making you cry like that out of your life....
Remember to change your make up every few months as the bacteria can build up and cause all kinds of problems. Never share make up, and always wash hands before and after applying it.
Steam stress and toxins away...
Steaming the skin not only is therapeutic, it's extremely health inducing. The reason is that you steam away the toxins that make you look old and tired. By 'sweating' the skin you revive it. A great weekly regimen is to: steam the skin over a bowl filled with very hot water and herbs (like chamomile, lavender or rose. Have a towel draped around your face to keep steam in and gently lower your face and let the pores breathe. (don't get too close, and don't spill the water!) When you are done give yourself a gentle mask and see how rested and lovely your skin looks.....
Thank y'all for tuning in-see you next post ...