Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Dream girl and the door mat + some wealth tips at bottom....

   Be his love - not his fetish!!!

See if you can find the lessons in the following story...

Mike pushed his blond hair back, and surveyed the room. His brother Louis, who owned a predominant share in their finance company, seemed to be busy fighting off the women as usual. He looked up at him and gestured for help. Mike just laughed. He and his brother both were very used to the tenacious attentions of opportunistic females. He could smell them a mile away. What most of the women did not know was that he and his brother, both of whom were blond haired, blue eyed, and all American looking, both preferred black women. His friends and family had long ago come to terms with it, and it no longer seem to matter, that is , except to white women, who often threw hissy fits upon seeing him with his latest date. But he was in his 30s and ready to settle down. More and more he had been dreaming of a wife instead of just a one night stand. He sighed as he realized his big brother was standing over him, squinting. "Penny for your thoughts man" Louis pulled out a chair and sat down. Mike shook his head, not quite sure he was ready to admit what was on his mind. Louis spread his muscular arms wide, then gestured for their mutual friend Jackson to join them. A moment later Jackson appeared with Don in towe. Mike sighed. When the 4 of them got together, all they seemed to talk about was football, and for once he was not in the mood.
Jackson looked closely at him. His black skin shining under the bright lights
"whatsup with you boy?" Don broke in " looks like female trouble t'me" he said trying to hide the southern accent he was often teased about. "Nah, I just ... I guess I'm just a little bored" Mike confessed hoping they would let it drop. His brother leaned toward him, his handsome face crinkled in amusement."what the hell you bored for? too many women, too much money, too many cars, man tell me!"

Mike glared at him, but did not answer. Everyone seemed to think if you had lots of money life was perfect-but his life was empty as hell and he knew it. "listen man, " his brother motioned for him to move closer "I need you to do me a big favor..." Mike cut him off " No way man I'm not going to fire anybody for you or-" Louis held up his hand "Man I don't need you to, I have no problem firing people who don't pull their weight. No this is something else..."
His voice trailed off, then with what looked like a go-ahead look from Jackson he continued. "There are two women I need you to take out, One this week, and one next week." He held up his hand to silence Mike's protest "Man listen one is your dream girl I guarantee it. The other we just need to make her happy so we can get her business!" Mike rolled his eyes "man why me? I mean what about Jackson? you know I ain't into white girls" Louis shook his head slightly at Mike the way one looks at a mentally challenged child "Who said they were white?" he asked quietly. Jackson laughed "yeah one of em, we think is just perfect for you, you'll see she's fierce! the other well she'll do in a pinch" Mike did not like it. He didn't like feeling like he was being set up, and he didn't need his brother to pick his dates. But Louis would not take no for an answer and mike finally agreed "I won't even spend money on their asses" he thought "I'll take em both to the cove, talk em out of their drawers and be on my way!" He laughed at the thought of his brother's face when he did not get the business he was aiming for "it'll serve him right " he thought sneakily. "Let me go get a new suit..."

When Mike pulled up to the large house, he beeped impatiently. Not bothering to get out and go meet the woman. Instead he leaned back in his beamer and waited. She emerged a moment later. Beautiful, dark and sexy looking. She began to sashay toward the car.  His brother had said her name was Pam.That was easy enough to remember, at least for the night. She was dressed in a short, tight dress that left her breasts almost hanging over the top. Her weave was thick and heavy and she wore far more makeup than such a pretty face required. She got into the car and smiled at him. She didn't seem to be at all annoyed by the fact that he did not come to the door. He was used to women letting him get away with shit. When you're rich, handsome, and extremely well connected, the normal rules don't seem to apply. " Oh everybody said you were gorgeous" she gushed "they were right" He didn't bother to answer. Obliviously she was supposed to be the dream girl, and yeah she was hot and all, so why did he feel so let down? They drove up to the cove and got out. Pam grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breast. He looked at her quickly to see if it had been an accident but the mischievous look on her face told him otherwise. "So what'll you like to do?" he asked. trying to keep the boredom out of his tone. He had dated women like her a thousand times. "I love to go to the country club and-" Mike tuned her out. His attention was on her hot body. Her breasts pushing against the rim of a dress that looked 2 sizes too small. She seemed to notice what he was staring at and giggled. A moment later they were locked in a passionate embrace, getting hotter by the moment. "you wanna go to the Hilton?" she breathed. Mike just looked her, thinking "why should I, you ain't worth all the trouble of checking in and paying 300 bucks!"

"Ah no baby, he breathed. I want you too bad!" She fell for it. In minutes they had disposed of their clothes and given way to pure passion. Two hours later, Mike lay spent, his breathing slowly returning to normal. Pam turned to him "I'm so glad we met" she gushed. " On our next date maybe we could see that new movie..." Once again he had tuned her out. He was listening to the sound of the water lapping against the shore. He had always loved that sound since childhood. Pam's voice pierced his thoughts. "maybe we could go to the beach or the movies or -" He shot her a, shut the hell up look, "Mike! she wined, You're not even listening to me! I'm telling you my feelings about- " "about what?" he shot back, "Woman I don't even know you" and frankly you're voice is starting to get on my nerves!" Pam looked like he had slapped her. In the next instant she was sobbing "you must think I'm some kind of whore!" she moaned. Mike was getting more irritated by the moment "Did this idiot expect an instant relationship from a cheap screw? She really was stupid. " It's getting cold, he murmured, better get you home." When they got in the car he turned on the stereo, and let the temptations take him to another place. Soon they pulled up to her house. He turned to look at her. Pam's face was red and blotchy from crying. She looked weak and vulnerable, he was so turned off, he had to look away. "would you walk me to the door? " she asked, but it sounded more like plead. Reluctantly he walked her up the walk "will I see you again?" she asked hopefully "Ah sure, " he murmured, knowing he was lying. He could not wait to get away from her desperate ass....

When Mike pulled up to the small but cute, cottage looking house, he did not know what to expect. If the last girl was the dream girl, "my God what must this one be like?" he wondered. He tried honking but no one came to the door. Getting irritated, he walked up and knocked. The door slid open and a brown skinned woman with her hair in a ponytail and very little make up, peered up at him. She was attractive but not nearly to the degree of someone like Pam, but She did have big brown eyes and sensuous lips. He was shocked to see her wearing very little makeup and dressed in jeans and a pretty pink blouse. Women usually went all out for him! She was on the slim side and her body was very nicely proportioned, missing the super large breasts and booty he usually went for. He knew her name was Alexis but that was all he knew about her.
"Ah I honked " He murmured. "no, you didn't " she said evenly. He squinted in confusion "yes I did I-" She held up her manicured hand and looked into his face " No, you did not " She repeated "unless you were honking for someone else because My dates do not honk, they come to my door!" Mike was taken aback. This was a total surprise. He had a sudden feeling this date would be very different than so many others he had been on. "who doe's this chick think she is?' he wondered. but he had to admit, he was feeling the first stirrings of respect for her. He opened the car door for her and she gave him a slight smile. He tried not to smile back, but lost, she was so damn adorable sitting there like some kind of princess! As soon as he turned on the temptations, she started to sing. He was blown away at the beauty of her voice, as well as her confidence. When he complimented her beautiful voice instead of waving the compliment away, she smiled and said "thanks everyone in my family can sing." It seemed only moments passed before they reached the cove. "Ah I thought we could get to know each other .." He stammered in response to her surprised look. " that's fine," she said finally." but next time ask if I feel like coming here instead of eating or something" He nodded, wondering once again who this woman thought she was! No woman controlled him! He was going to show her who was boss. They talked about everything. She was passionate about her new business and all the plans she had for it.

Mike watched her face beam with excitement as she talked about her business. Usually the only thing he saw a woman that excited about was HIM! He was at a complete loss to explain why he liked her so much, but he had to admit that he did. A few minutes later he lapsed into silence and listened to the water push against the shore. She was watching him " Are you listening to the water lap the shore?" she asked. Mike looked at her stunned. "how did you know?" he asked "because your eyes went to the side, you were in auditory mode" " I was in what?" he laughed.
"auditory mode! it just means you were hearing things in your head " she smiled. She leaned in closer "I do that too! she confided. " I love the sound of the water! Mike's heart started a faster beat. He starred at alexis wondering what it was about her that made his heart pound. Why did he feel like he had known her forever, when they just met a few hours ago! " He leaned in "Can I kiss you?" He asked quickly, realizing he was holding his breath. She nodded, and they shared a kiss so sweet he knew he would be on cloud 9 for days. She seemed to be in tune to him in a way he had never experienced before. He felt like he was under a spell! Way too soon she made him take her home. He rushed to open the car door and help her from the car. She looked up at him her big brown eyes glittering in the moonlight, and lovely brown skin reminiscent of chocolate silk. He wondered how he had ever thought Pam was prettier than her. He knew now without a doubt she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. At the door he rushed to ask if he could see her again next Friday. She hesitated, Mike bit his lip so hard it started to bleed. Finally she looked up at him "I have plans for Friday and Saturday, but I can see you on Sunday" A big smile broke out on his face as she hugged him good bye. He couldn't wait until Sunday! "I'm gonna take her to Maxine's" he thought "No, I'll take her to the country club, she'll like that." He began to plan the date in his head. This time he would bring flowers and candy and take her some place very classy. "Damn Louis" He thought "Why didn't he tell me I was going to meet my dream girl?"...

What did Pam do wrong that Alexis did right?

Why did Mike feel so much connection with Alexis?

Why did he feel under a spell, -was it just a coincidence?

why did Alexis suddenly seem so much more beautiful to him?

And most of all, how did she manage to turn herself into his dream girl in his eyes?

1. Rental Wealth:

Here is a pretty easy business to start. I knew a guy in Texas who took a 5000.00 loan and bought 3 mobile homes. How did he buy 3 mobile homes with 5k you ask. He simply put down payments on them, and financed the rest. Mobile homes are actually much easier to buy than houses, and can look downright luxurious with a little work. When he was done cleaning, painting and sprucing up the homes, he ran a rent to own ad. People flooded in trying to own the mobile homes. (which is the next best thing to a house) He took payments which covered his monthly fees and gave him a positive cash flow of 200.00 per month per unit. With the money, he reinvested until he had 20 units and was set for years. He used to always brag about how he only went up to the 10th grade, yet he made more and had much more free time than 3/4s of the college grads he knew. If you are scared to buy and rent mobile homes try other items. Hot tubs, jacuzzi, and jet ski are 3 examples that make excellent rental profits. See you are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to work. Nothing comes from nothing. You must take action! Here is a simple ad to use to rent your equipment;
FREE DELIV-CALL 215-000-0000

You will need a pick up or small trailer to move merchandise. and storage to store it. Start this biz with one tub and a few ads and watch the profits roll in...This business does require some work, as the tubs or (whatever you decide to rent) must be moved. But the profits are really good. just 2 hot tubs and a few ads can make you over 50.000.00 per year! Sounds like good 'hard work' ow, doesn't it.....

2. 1000.00 per day (copy the dealer)

Here is a business truly anyone can start, and make a fortune doing. How would you love to go to the bank on a daily basis and deposit money? This business can do that for you. I got this one from someone who showed me how he makes 750-1000.00 per day recruiting people. He starts with an ad in the paper. He solicits for good sales people who are not afraid to talk to people. Then he gives them inventory (balloons, candy, clothing,etc) and sends them to malls, amusements parks, tourist attractions, or even street corners. He pays them 10% of the profits. This usually adds up to at least 100.00 bucks per day for the person. Many people will work their butt off for 100.00 per day. This business is based on the power of duplication (like McDonald's) you put several people out there, and you take most of the profit and give them an amount that keeps them happy and working hard. In the meantime, you are getting rich without working at all (except for running to and from the bank.) You spend your time re-supplying your salespeople and going to the bank A salesperson ad in the paper will bring you many people looking for work, keep the best ones and get rid of the rest. What to sell depends on your location. See what sells well in your area. Some ideas are food at the park, balloons and flowers at concerts (where men are trying to impress their dates) One enterprising young man counted on his football team winning and made 2000 little team flags, pendants and buttons to celebrate it. He waited until the game was over (holding his breath) If 'his' team lost he was out all the money for the trinkets-nobody would buy for a losing team. In the last seconds, his team came through and he was mobbed by jubilant fans. He sold out in 2 hours and stuffed so much money into his pockets, walking was difficult! That was a gamble, but yours does not have to be. simply investigate what sells well in your area, recruit, take your cut and deposit! Always check references and hire only trustworthy people.....But this is a business that can truly make you 1000.00 per day with a little work.....PS. talking balloons sell especially well almost every place. Google them on the net.

3. Flyer Riches:

This business is fantastic! I'm almost tempted to keep it to myself, although it is by no means a no-work idea. You will definitely work, yet the money is fantastic! This is how it goes, You record a business name at the county courthouse (DBA) Something catchy like_________________{insert your town name} best flyer delivery service. You would then open a bank acct. for your business using the name. Place a newspaper ad like this; (Advertise door to door to for 1/4 the cost of postage! call _______________When people call tell them that your company will take their advertising door to door and guarantee no lost units for only 10. each -one little dime. When they ask how you can afford to do it at that price-let them know that you will do it in units of 3000-5000 =300.00 or 500.00 explain that you will be delivering it with other non-competing businesses and that all merchandise will be in door bags and taken straight to the customer's door. This is a price they cannot beat anywhere! The cost of a single postage stamp is over 40. !!! Once you set up this business and your customer has a chance to see how beneficial this service is to him, you will have more calls than you can handle! This is how you handle it. Pick up your customers flyers, ads, or circulars etc. and put all in a door hanger bag (google door hanger bags people, this ain't rocket science)

You drive and get 2 dependable young people (have 2 stand byes, young people are not known for their dependability) anyway have the 2 young people get out at every street and deliver to both sides at once. You can even pay them to stuff the door bags or use your kids and make them earn the money they are always begging for. You should be able to go through up to 5000 bags in no more than 5 days. Send your client an invoice (any office store will have them, sometimes even the dollar store has them) pay your people decent because they will only be getting about 1 week of work or if you are really ambitious , go to the next adjoining area and repeat the process. You should be able to have 20 clients in 2-3 months, if you work at it. And that is really ALL YOU NEED! 20 clients will enable you to make 7000-10.000 per month! (depending on whether they are 3000-5000 unit clients) Once you have your client list, and your client realizes the value of your service, (and you have people fighting over your business) you can and should insist on only 5000 unit clients because it is pretty much the same amount of work and it is easier it is all the same in number. offer the 3000 unit -only as a starter unit. This business is being done in my area right now by some snot nosed kid who is making a fortune! and he does not do any deliveries himself -he only drives- You can do this too.

The main ingredient in working for yourself is BELEIF. You must believe you can do it You must give yourself time for it to work! Anything that someone else is doing you can do as well! (If you are willing to put in the work) That is the saddest part about the job market. People start to see themselves as employees and then it is so damn hard to change that mindset. You must learn to see yourself as a wealth opportunist. Someone who takes advantage of the wealth opportunities that are all around us! Did you know that the average person has many million dollar, ideas every day! yet because he has been conditioned to just keep on working, most people will ignore these ideas and slave away until they are fired. Then they will experience extreme fear, and hurry and try to find another slave position. All the while, terrified of being fired again and wishing they had the guts to start something of their own. Folks, this is what conditioning doe's to you. That's why I cannot understand what the debate is when it comes to heredity -v- environment. There is no question that people are a product of their environment! You can take identical twins and raise them in separate homes, in which one has self-employed, confident, and successful and parents and the other has struggling , fearful, employee parents. You can literally watch how the employee child knows no other way except to "get a good job" when the job turns into a nightmare of low pay, downsizing, no time for family, or vacation, he will still fight himself over the need to "get another good job" No matter how much he hates it. No matter how much he wants to be free, he has been conditioned to seek security, and his
conditioning is controlling him.

The sad part is SECURITY IS AN OPTICAL ILLUSION -IT DOE'S NOT EXIST! His brother on the other hand will know "although there is no security, nobody needs it because the only thing you need is opportunity and there is no shortage of opportunity only a shortage of courage". And since his parents have instilled that courage in him> the world is his oyster! He will live far, far better than his brother in houses his brother dare not dream about (because they don't make them for employees but for EMPLOYERS AND ENTREPRENEURS ) He will most likely visit places his brother can only read about and send his kids to schools his brother's kids have never heard about. People it is truly a whole different world if you would only TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!!! You only have to believe and then do it! (if thou canst only believe, all things are possible to him that believe ) -the bible
Thanks for tuning in guys and see you next post-you can email me for help or advice at 

Beauty tip:Ladies if you have dark circles under your eyes or dry, uneven skin (dark and light areas) here is a simple solution. Buy a cheap stick of cocoa butter that you can get from the hair stores and dab a little on your face, in several areas. Put a few drops of water on your fingers and rub it in with the cocoa butter all over your face. Then blot. This will even the tone of your skin and give you a radiant glow. For even more beautiful skin, drink alot of water and take a daily vitamin, and a calcium pill. Meleleuka makes an excellent vitamin and calcium formula. You can actually see the incredible difference in about a week. My skin is so lovely from this routine, I skip the make up period and just wear chap stick. No, I am not bragging but you guys know we already have pretty skin, this routine just makes it really, really pretty. You'll see what I mean soon.... You can reach meleleuka at 1800-282-3000. Ask for a catalog.
Thanks for tuning in -see you next post....

2. Tip two.
Another great way to deal with dark spots is alma powder. Mix it with enough water to make a paste and rub it on your face. leave it for about 15 minutes to half hour (for severe discoloration) and rinse.  Cucumbers are still a great way to brighten up tired dark (sleep deprived eyes). I really believe in using natural products as much as possible, because not sure you ladies have gotten the memo yet, but a law was recently passed saying that the cosmetic companies NO LONGER have any obligation to list product ingredients!! It is also perfectly legal now, for them to mislead the public about being organic, when 99% of their ingredients are chemicals or known toxins!!! It's imperative that you look out of your own health when it comes to using these products. That's why I advocate for going as natural as possible...

BW Moving on from men who can't see the beauty of dark skinned women... + some wealth ideas....

These are the exact type of women bm claim not to want, so what is the problem when 'other' men snatch them up?

I cannot understand why the women, black men claim they don't want, cause them to go crazy with anger and seething venom, when they are snatched up by white men. I was reading about the reaction to Venus's upcoming marriage. I have posted a few comments below. My question is, why are black men so biased to, and hard on black women?

What is she supposed to do, Not get married because brothers don't think she is worthy! I mean if bm think Venus is ugly (because they are colorstruck and self-hating, not because she actually is) Then what the hell is the problem if she marries someone who has the sense to see that she is very attractive and completely lovable? Are we supposed to live and die alone because bm have made themselves unavailable! I say hell no! I for one have always believed in only giving my time and attention to men who treated me well. If he did not, I removed myself from the situation. I think we have got to stop worrying about what brothers will think about us stepping out of the box, because it's like the little boy with the cookie. He does not want it, but he certainly does not want another little boy to have his cookie! Unfortunately bm often see us the same way. As mere possessions and not living, breathing beings who have legitimate needs. Why else would they dog a girl they don't even consider attractive, because she dared stray toward a white man?

Even some of the women dogged her and called her sell out. (probably in an effort to please the brothas) I say, just because you can't or won't step outside the box don't down me because I choose to live fully. Life is too short to WAIT ON A BROTHA! There are millions of men in this world, plenty enough for every woman to have one. but if you eliminate more than 90% and only focus on the black men what do you think your chances of finding Mr Right will be? You will have a needle in a haystack chance of finding a good man, who is marriage minded, who is not color struck, who is willing to make a commitment, who finds you attractive/desirable and feels that you are the one. Good luck my sista because if black is all that you want, you're chances of finding the right one are down to almost nil!
And wishing harm or malevolent will upon a sista because she is living her life as she sees fit, is ignorance of the highest order. Do we not realize that when we wish something upon others, we drastically increase the chances of bringing that wish our way? I long ago realized this, and that is why I wish ill on no one. I think we need to take a tip from Whoopi, in the color purple when she said: "as you done to me already done to you!"

I think we need to stop allowing sistas who may have something we want to be treated like garbage. We need to realize that no one can stop the good God has for us except for us.There is no need to be jealous of another sista. This only serves to hinder our good. We do this by begrudging a fellow sista her good, her love, her health and her wealth. Most of the mean spirited comments were coming from brothers but bw were calling her sell out, and mannish as well. I think this is just covert jealousy, and hatred. She has a right to fall in love with whomever she falls in love with. And who are we to judge? This is why so many of us are shackled in our problems because we are wishing bad on others and it is coming around to bite us on the ass. When you see a sista who is doing great. Smile and realize that she is showing you the way, not showing you up! When you see someone doing not so well, say a little prayer for them that they may find their way, but also remember the biblical quote: " there but for the grace of God -go I"

George Lucas is being called strange lookin, troll, unattractive and old because his girl looks so young. I believe she is in her forties, but she def. looks in her early 30s and they are furious that he (who looks late 50s -early 60s ) is with her! This is extremely common among bw to look young for a long time. She is still young for him but she is not 30something. And even if she was, I say who's business is it but his and hers. They don't need to justify their relationship to anyone. I think people are really furious because he is mega-rich and she is very dark and pretty. He is not supposed to be attracted to her. She is even being called a gold digger even though she is already a millionaire and does not need his money! Jealously is a very ugly emotion. We must strive to be the best we can be in our lives so that we can avoid this very ugly emotion. Jealously will turn everything in your life upside down and make you feel less than. Sistas if you are suffering from jealously, you must let it go! It will destroy YOU not the other person. Some simple ways to get rid of it is to make a list of all your wonderful qualities/gifts and read it daily. You may also want to thank the universe for all your blessings including your limbs, family and health. Think of all the people in the world who would give their eyeteeth to have your life. two thirds of the world lives on less than 2 dollars per day! We are the richest nation in the world and we don't even appreciate how blessed we are. Instead we tear each other down and make horrible remarks like some of the ones below that were made regarding Venus ( who is actually, a very nice looking, and classy young woman) and Mellody who is lovely, well traveled, rich and elegant, or Alfre who is loving and kind and has a beautiful soul...My question is if bw are not jealous of other bw who step outside the box and live fully-then stop dogging her! And if bm don't care what the hell we do as they claim because we are not what they want anyway, then stop throwing a hissy fit when a white man snatches one of us up! Stop being hypocrites, black men date out at twice the rate we do, so what is the problem? What's good for the goose really is good for the gander, and black women need to move on to BETTER men. If he's black and he's a good man I'm all for that. If he's white and he's a good man I'm all for that, If he's Native American and he's a good man.....You get the point. It's about a good man, a good father, a good companion. A good life partner.. If love, and devotion is what you want, don't settle for less...

Below are some wealth ideas for the Entrepreneurs....

Wealth idea #1 (windows to profits)

Here is an idea for those of you who do not personally want to do the work, yet do not mind supervising others. You can have this business up in about 1 month and the benefits are:
No office needed, you can work from home.
No previous experience required (easy to learn)
Work full or part-time
This is needed in EVERY city.
Very low start-up capital needed. (150-400.00
You can pretty easily earn 4-5000 per month with this business if you are willing to work (supervise people.) What you do is this; Place an ad for businesses needing window washing, If you want to build your business really fast go out and meet business owners, talk to them about their dirty windows and leave them your business card. (pass 1000 to have all the business you can handle in 3 months!) Anyway if you don't mind building more slowly, place an ad and when people call, say that you are swamped and that you will call them back when
you have someone available. In the meantime, place an employee wanted ad like this:
(Good paying job, no exper. nec. strong, dependable and puncual is a must! call____________ for an interview.

Interview at a public place Mcdonalds is fine. DO NOT LET TOTAL STRANGERS NEAR YOUR HOME! Have them bring proof of ID, citizenship and references. As you all know, I believe in the background check. -however that is totally up to you if you choose to to use it. Once they are hired supply them with basic window cleaning supplies, almost everything you need can be found at the dollar store except for the ladder. (you can have them use a long handled window squeegee instead.) This business will never go out of style because so many people hate doing windows. A very easy way to get all the business you could ever want is to partner with maid services and cross promote. They hate being asked to do windows and would welcome the chance to refer someone else to do them. You on the other hand will constantly be asked for people who will do all the other work and you can recommend the maid services, that you choose to work with. You can charge by the window or by the hour 20-25 .00 per hour or 3-7 .00 per window depending on the size. Or you can have the windows counted and give a flat rate. If your workers do a good job business will EXPLODE because word of mouth will get you more work than you have people to handle. Usually I do not recommend having a DBA with workers but this business will allow you to cover you butt like this; Get a DBA at your county courthouse, use it to open a business acct. Insert the checks and cash from your customers and pay your employees with a business check. C.O.A. > *Cover your ass * -have your employees sign an agreement stating that they will be liable for any damage that they cause to a premise.and that THEY will pay for it. (subtract it from their pay) Give them a copy and keep one on file. Use these tips to look/be more professional.
have them wear matching clothes (like black pants and shirts with co. name and phone# (Google personalized clothing)
use a set-aside phone or answering service to take calls (you can get a answering service for less than 20.00 per month (Google answering service)
Use magnetic signs on your car or make your employees use them when on the job.
Use printed envelopes and invoices ( I use a company I found by just yahooing (cheap printing) I pay about 50 bucks for 1000 very nice envelopes!
Now it is up to you. You can go on and complain that you hate your job and they do not pay you enough for this bullsh*t. I have news for you THEY NEVER WILL PAY YOU ENOUGH! PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID TO STEP OUT INTO RISK MUST ALWAYS SETTLE FOR THE CRUMBS! That is the way it has always been. Ask yourself how much are you going to pay your workers? The answer is "as little as possible" that is just the way it is. You are going to say to yourself "this is America they could have started something of their own, they didn't have the guts, so they must work for me and settle for what I pay and that's the way it is. I can ALWAYS find more workers who will work for peanuts! and you would be right. People are so afraid of doing their own thing, they will settle for peanuts too many times to count. It's not nice but it is LIFE. If you want the best in life, you must give it to yourself: Nobody else will!
This business will probably not make you a millionaire, but it could fairly easily make you 100.000 per year. It definitely works, and the fact that is is a hated job is the beauty of it. It is a service that will never go out of style and it will feed and clothe your family in financial security, warmth and comfort for as long as you choose to work it.

Wealth Idea#2 (driveway mad money)

This is one that should appeal to all you lazy people out there. Because you can earn mad money doing almost nothing.
If your home is located near a busy downtown or college campus, you can earn some mad money this way. In this part of New Jersey parking is terrible. I know of a person who not only rents out her double driveway for 100.00 per month each space =200.00 per month but she has rented 6 spaces near her home from her neighbors (unused spots) for 40-50.00 each and re-rents them for 100.00 each. She gives her renters a little pass signed by her with the date of expiration and they leave it in their front window so the neighbor knows it is one of "her cars" and not to have it towed. she makes 500.00 per month doing absolutely nothing! (except a small sign on her grass saying parking places for rent with phone #.) If your town won't permit the sign, you can use college bulletin boards, Ads or word of mouth. This is just for mad money this will not pay your bills but it sure helps if you just need a little spending money, especially since you are doing absolutely nothing!

Wealth Idea # 3. (Biz Directory:)

Did you know that there are now over 25 million businesses operating out of American homes! Its true, and everyday that figure goes up! More and more we are in the entrepreneurial age. Many home biz owners would love a resource that would enable them to publicize their businesses. And many people are looking for what these businesses offer, and would utilize them if they knew where to locate them and what they offered.

If you cannot think of a business that would be right for you, starting a home resource guidebook could easily be your key to fame (in your town) and definitely your key to fortune.

Start by picking a name. Something like 'Temple's truest bargains ' or ' Phenomenal Philly savings' You get the idea. Think like the phone book, they publish all the info for free and charge for ads, larger listings, slogans, extra space etc. Obviously this is a very successful operation as they do it every single year. No one continues an operation unless it makes good money.

Contact home businesses by phone, mail or flyer and give them a questionnaire about their business. Explain that you are making a directory and they can get a free listing. Put them under a selected heading (for easy reference) If they want to be under more than one heading, charge them. If they want their slogan included, or an ad as well, charge them. Stress to all businesses that they must be honest and fair. If they would like to include a pic or an about me information paragraph, charge them for that. Use your imagination. You can make this business as big as you like. But as I was saying, make sure you stress that the business must be honest in all their dealings. All businesses with repeated complaints should be eliminated. An excellent way to get publicity fast is to cross-promote. Have some of the businesses give issues to their clients or give free mentions to their clients. This will enable you to build the directory fast and your reputation as well. Make sure you have a cross variety of ads and that you also include a few of your own for the directory. Republish at a set time every so often and as your business grows so will your financial leverage in your community. This is an excellent way to become one of the most known and sought after women in your community. You simply place a picture of yourself in every issue with an about me article. (Do not include your address!!!) As your directory grows larger and larger, so will your fame and reputation. You can expand to businesses that are small, yet now home based and expand even faster. You can also include a few tips for buying sales or coupons or specials that people can cut out and use. Shop around for the cheapest printer. Prices can vary alot. People will often pick up your directory for just this reason. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will work at first for little money, but along the way it will grow beyond your dreams-provided you stick with it. These are some of the things you should charge extra for.
1. bold
2. inserts like (see advertisement)

3. Advertisements

4. first in line under heading

5. about me info/picture

You can even offer a small free ad to new customers so they can see the value in continuing with your directory. Most will jump at the chance for free publicity. Some benefits to your customers are:

1 More and more will want to be included as your guide becomes the definitive place to look for home businesses
2. Other businesses will read the directory in order to find out what the competition is doing.

3. As your customers business grows, they will have more money to buy larger ads with you.

4. Use your customers name and info to add to your own mailing list (you can sell the list or sell something that can to be sold to the list)

5. Another service you can offer is general info on the community and articles about schools, citizens, local officials - or anything that increases readership and makes people want to get their hands on a copy

6. You can have a what's hot now category or who's hot now category, that has people fighting to get into it. Use your imagination. You can turn your little enterprise into a million dollar enterprise.

Some ways to get your paper to the public

1. school kids to distribute door to door.

2. distribute to stores fliers for it

4. use your customers as distribution points

Pick up other directories and see how they run it. Then simply copy a successful one. Good luck and remember you can always contact me for help...

Many people give up because success does not come instantaneously. That is not the way life works. IF you are not willing to put in the work and wait for the results, you can pretty much forget having any business and just continue to work all your life. This business does work! And it can be the key to a whole new life if you stick with it in the early months. In six months you can easily be making 3,ooo per month and it can easily double without much more effort from there. But you must stick it out when you begin and the money is not where you want it to be. That is one of the secrets of the millionaires. They know that small drips become great gushes with time and effort. ( for help or advice-my readers only)

Beauty tip for the ladies:
Ladies let me tell you something. Some people think that being thin is very sexy. I say only if you are fit and firm. Lets face it, a firm 150 lb woman is going to be far sexier and firmer than a sloppy, toneless, sagging 120 lb woman. I want you all to realize that because many women think as long as they are thin, they are sexy. Not True! If you are sagging, and toneless regardless of your weight, you will not look good! You must tone up and spend some time at least 5 days per week in excercise! While you may be trying to firm up, here are some figure tips:

If you have a shape that MUST be toned down (like me) including large breasts, too round rear end and small waist. You will want to wear dark colors and soft fabrics. Scoop necklines are great for the big chested girl as well as small delicate necklaces. Wear a good bra and avoid slouching to make your chest less conspicuous (it does not work, and just gives you bad posture) I really love blouses that are long and soft as they are great for hiding a large chest and de-emphasizing an overly curvaceous rear end. Never wear tight clothing as it will empathise everything. Leave off the bright colors and large designs. (unless you are very thin, and need to look bigger) A great way to get in shape, look fabulous and never break a sweat is to exercises. A 1 hour walk daily will have you skin glowing , your hair growing and your body slimming beautifully. You will also feel sexier every day and digestion as well as sleep will become effortless. Whatever you ladies do, please get a good exercises program that you enjoy. It will take away stress, weight, and sagging and make you feel beautiful from the inside out.

Thank you all for tuning in -see you next post...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

To White men looking for those gorgeous black women.... a few tips... + some wealth ideas at bottom...

Comedian Gary Owens and his wife Kenya

10 Things you should never say to a black woman!

There is a site advising white men what not to say to black women and I think some of the advice is good, and some is a bit over top. Basically, I think there is no need to be nervous and shy around us bw. Just be yourself and feel her out. We really are all different. People seem to think we all think alike, but they could not be more wrong. Just like ww, some of us are more sexually adventurous, bolder, nicer or meaner louder or softer. We vary just like other women. Just as you would feel out any other woman, you will need to feel us out. But for the most part the following lines are usually worth forgetting, if you want to build a relationship with the AVERAGE black woman. Remember to forget stereotypes....Here are a few....

1. "All black people are great dancers." Not true, and very insulting

2. "You're beautiful for a black girl" Does this sound like a compliment to you? If you think she's beautiful, say so without the racist qualifiers.

3. Can I touch your hair? Def. wait until you are in a relationship before you attempt something like this. Some bw will be cool about this, and some will tell you off...

4. "I just love black women!" This may be an innocent remark on your part, and you may just mean that you are attracted to bw. Yet most times this will come out wrong and she will immediately think you just want to sleep with a black girl. She will go on the defensive and the date will go downhill from there....

5. "I just love all those curves!" If you were a woman, how would you perceive this remark? It comes off sounding oversexed and disrespectful. Many women will walk away from you on this one. Now once you are in a LT relationship, it's perfectly ok to tell her how you love her body but never let it slip from your lips in the beginning...
6. "I never date bw, but you're something special!" You're really asking to be cursed out on this one- nuff said.

7. Why don't black men take care of their kids?" You may think this is going to start the 'black men are bad discussion' but 95% of the time it will backfire on you. As bw, even when we know brothers are doing wrong, we will rush to defend them, should a wm say anything negative about them. I don't know why so don't ask me, but it seems to be a conditioned response. Keep all your negative beliefs and opinions regarding bp secret until you two are much closer and can talk about these things without destroying the relationship....

8. Never ask: "Ever had a white guy?" You can ask her if she WOULD go out with a wg, but never ask her if she has had one. She will regard this as prying into her sexual closet, and she will be livid! She may also think you are asking to gauge how long it will take until she gives in to you. Either way, she will not appreciate it and it will most likely be a deal breaker....

9. "My best friend is black" Earth to wm, WE DON'T GIVE A DAMN! As a AA, we hear this constantly, like that means anything to us, and I can assure you, it doesn't. I know plenty of white people and even have some in my family, but how would you as a wm feel if we as bp approached you with

"yeah, I understand how you feel, my best friend is white" chances are, you would be too pissed to talk. You would probably be thinking/or say "what the hell does that have to do with me?"

10. Never make sexual /racist assumptions....
You do not know her and she is not every other bw you know. It is imperative that you see her as an individual and not as part of a group with the same mindset. Let her show you who she is, and don't assume anything.....

Wealth ideas below:


Like I always say, million dollar ideas are floating around all the time.
You as a human being have the ability to change your circumstances any time you honestly choose to do so.... That being said lets move on to some more wealth ideas....

This is how Joe. H. came upon his million dollar idea. Remember your higher power is always ready to do the same for you....

1. Car Intermediary;

Joe could not find a job in his hometown. Since the mill had closed he had been struggling to feed his family and was on the verge of losing his home. He knew he had to come up with something. While sitting down to his meal of rice for the 3rd time that week, Joe racked his brain. His wife's face looked drawn and tight. Fear of the future had them both barely speaking anymore. Joe glanced out the front window and spied his run down Chevy. Man he wanted a new car! Hell, for that matter he wanted a new home new life ...... He just wanted to make things better for his poor wife. She had put up with so much! He watched as his disabled neighbor Benny struggled to get out of his new car. For one second Joe was jealous and the next he felt guilty. His neighbor was disabled and had been since birth. What kind of jerk would feel jealousy and anger instead of sympathy. He wiped his mouth and ran out to help Benny. Benny smiled gratefully up at Joe as he gently guided him from the car. "I had to wait 3 months for them to equip it so I could drive it and still they claim they don't have the part to help me exit it- it's so frustrating" Benny sighed. "I've been down there arguing with those people many times, and in my condition -that's a lot on me!" Joe nodded sympathetically, as he helped Benny into the house. But having a captive audience was too much for Benny. He showed Joe the mountain of paperwork, he had incurred trying to get the part that would enable him to exist freely from the car. He talked incessantly about how hard it was on him to go through this. Joe was sympathetic, but he could not help thinking-"at least you've got the money to buy that part and that car and any damn thing else you want!" But when he looked at Benny's tired face, he felt guilty. It wasn't Benny's fault he was broke and out of work. He suddenly had an idea. "Ben, whadda say I find that part for you for a fee?" he asked. Benny's face instantly brightened. "yes please -I'll gladly pay it. I'm so tired of trying to fight with these people-yes please!" Joe suddenly felt optimistic for the first time in months. He and Benny came to a fee agreement and within 2 days Joe had not only located the part but had arranged for the part to be installed in the car. He had the car back to Benny by the end of the week. Joe even had it washed he was -grateful for the fee he desperately needed. Benny, also was beside himself with gratitude. He not only paid Joe the 200.00 fee in cash, he called some of his disabled friends and referred them to Joe. Within 2 weeks Joe had a thriving business finding parts for not only disabled people but all kinds of special needs Medical, pregnancy, young, old or any kind of need. He would haggle with the dealer and save the client sometimes thousands thereby making them more than glad to pay his fee. He also made sure the cars were delivered clean and installed. Before he knew what was happening he had to turn clients away. There were just not enough hours to help everyone. He had to limit his business to 30 cars per month.But at 200.00 a pop he was making a killing and still had plenty of time to spend with his family. Now they moved from their house because they wanted to not because they had to. Joe and his family moved to a home 3x larger and bought a brand new car for both he and his wife. This is a business anyone can start. You can use newspaper ads or flyer's or just business cards. Depending on how fast you want to grow. You will need to have a large metropolitan area nearby, as it will be hard to do this in a very small town. But this can be adapted to finding homes, apartments vehicles or anything else. Use your imagination. You really do have the answers inside of you. Just ask and then listen.......But most of all -just do it!

2. Trucking to a fortune:
There is a guy my sister -in law, and I went to, to buy my brother a truck for his birthday. You know the custom made miniature trucks that men love. She actually paid 1000.00 for this truck! I could not believe it. The truck had working lights, sound and lift that actually lifted! The guy, Mike told us that this is one of his least expensive trucks! He says they sell from 800-4000! I was shocked. He showed us how he goes onto websites and takes pictures of the truck being built and how people email him with the order confirmation before the trucks are even finished. He makes over 10.000 per month doing a hobby that he absolutely loves. He says he would never work for anyone ever again and that he now has money and free time. He said very few people know about the money in this business. He has a store on eBay and he buys the trucks whole and sells them for parts because the parts are extremely hard to find. He says he started making hand made trucks because he wanted ones that were different. He also wanted to show people who bought his truck parts what they could do with the parts. The guys went crazy over his hand made trucks and they are constantly on back order. His parts business also exploded! He is now turning jobs down because he does not need more money. Isn't that a wonderful thought "to just not need any more money!" This can be you as well. Find a hobby you love. Don't bother trying to do trucks if you hate trucks -your apathy will come through, and prevent you from being successful. Pick something you love and then find communities on the Internet who share your interest. Take pictures and set up a selling email or use pay pal. People love pay pal because they feel safe knowing you do not have their personal info...This man makes 10 k per month but he could easily double that if he wanted to. He was relaxed and happy. Too many people are stressed and tired from trying to make it on a dead end job. Think outside the box, and see what you come up with....You can also write me for help remember.....

3. Letter riches;

This idea is so cute I had to include it. A few years ago, a friend of mine was the mommy of a precious little 4 year old, named Samantha. We called her Sam for short, but anyway. One day Sam wrote a letter to Santa and carefully signed it and sent it to the 'Norf poel' (as she spelled it) We thought it was cute and that she would forget about it, but everyday she ran up to the house and asked "mommy, did Santa send me mail?' I could tell my friend felt worse and worse having to tell her child the letter did not come. Finally, I went to the dollar store, bought some child's stationary and sat my friend down so we could compose a letter for Sam. Lisa, my friend was very reluctant to do this as she did not want to lie to her child. I convinced her that it was harmless and would make Sam very happy so we composed a letter and sent it to "Sam-Santa's special little friend" Sam was ecstatic when she got the letter, she read it until it was falling apart and showed it to all of her little friends. Soon Lisa was swamped with parental requests for more letters. In no time at all Lisa had a nice little sideline business writing and mailing letters all over the US. She advertises in magazines like home business, and direct mail. She charges up to 8.00 depending on how far and how much detail the letter requires. She still thanks me for starting her on this path. She loves it and makes pretty good money (about 1500.00 per week. Not bad for about 20 hours of work per month. Like I said, there are million dollar ideas floating around all the time. Lisa thinks I was the brainchild behind her idea but that thought must have occurred to her before I ever said anything! We ALL have million dollar ideas every day the point is to write them down and bring them to fruition.... PS, if you need help or advice write me at asktaylor1991@ (this is for my readers only!) Thanks for tuning in -until next time-TS