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Black women MUST fight negative media images!!!

The side image of a beautiful BW getting married to a loving husband is NOT the one the advertisers want for us, the one above is.  A sad sack bw, who's one mission in life is the serve whites and make them happy in any way she can. Hattie is just one of many negative images that are continually put out there to contort perception of bw.....

(A white man's comment on media images)

First, for full disclosure purposes, I am a white Male, So my view might be a bit biased cause I have liked darker featured women just as much as lighter featured women.I agree with most of the posters sentiments that the media’s version of what the top rung of the ladder for beauty is. It is the blond hair, thin Caucasian woman. It’s obvious and almost irritatingly obvious. ” that “black woman are admired for their white traits”. The MEDIA might do this, the average white male does not in my experience. The media is skewing the reality. They have a stake in the whole racial thing (among other things) because if people instantly judge when they see someone (by race and other things), it makes focusing a product on a target audience simple. But who determines what is beauty in modeling? The masses of average white males? LOL, not by a million miles. Who is it that determines beauty in advertising? Again, not the majority of white males and not by a long shot. I would bet my house that if the average white male was in charge of hiring the models for fashion and advertising, things would be distinctly different (which is not to say they are qualified for what would sell clothes or products, they aren’t. But there tastes would be different from what is the norm right now, guaranteed). As far as white men and their like for thinness? Their is some truth to it, no doubt. Keyword is SOME. It has been my experience that how a girl wears her weight matters A LOT. Black women have the traits they have and they can be quite appreciated by males in general if the skewing was not there. It is attitude! The purveying view of the average white man (and other men too), I’d bet in large part inculcated by the media’s images, is that black women are not demure but combative. They are not warm but filled with attitude. Men do not like that. I was watching this comedy based show the other night, a late night repeat (not much of tv show watcher). This black dude and white dude are best friends is the premise of the show. they go to this bar that is entirely black. The white dude starts talking to this black girl. This girl is very dark skinned and has all the features an african woman might have (she was not pin thin, she was moderately slender). She was warm and funny and easy going. That girl with all her african features would have white guys drooling over her (which is not to say she would want that per se, but she would nevertheless). It was a clear example of, imho, what I speak of above.Personally, I think BW should be careful how they spend their money. Do not support “things” that perpetuate the BW “attitude”. BW shown as sweet and silly and funny and warm etc etc etc, IMHO, would be the best thing that could happen for BW in terms of media image. The media has everyone thinking every category of girl and person are something specific (again, this helps them to sell). When I became aware of this, kind of a big wake up, all of a sudden BW were catching my eye more. I came to find out that I, and suspect most everyone, tend to see someone’s traits, like their race, and you already have an image in your head as to what they will be like in a split second. It’s such a crock. Also, just to be fair, the other reason about not approaching a BW is that I assumed I am not going to act “macho” enough.....

I guess I would agree with the above poster on many accounts. I think the media is extremely deceptive and biased. What I find most dangerous and damaging about the media, is that perception is viewed as truth! This is why it is so important not to let them present us in whatever lackadaisical fashion they choose because at the end of the day we will suffer for it. It is extremely important that we maintain a demeanor of class, elegance and tasteful beauty. This is easier said than done, I know, but we must change the way we are being depicted in the media. Unfortunately some of the worst culprits as far as disparaging our image has been black media outlets such as BET. which is nothing but pure garbage! It is unbelievable that we would have to fight our own in their determination to paint horrific portraits of beautiful black women. But that is exactly what we must do. The media is doing everything in it's power to diminish us, disparage us and demean us. We must take back control and fight these lies with everything in us. Most of us are not loud, foul mouthed, manly, and filled with attitude. This is a stereotype that is perpetuated for the sake of building us up as undesirable and unappealing. I think it is time to put our heads together and take steps to protect our collective self image, as well as that of the little girls that follow.... Look at the above pictures what to they say to you? How can we change the unfair perceptions of bw in the media today when many women (like NY) are willing to throw us all to the wind for some transient fame and monetary inducements? What do you ladies think? What can we do about this ongoing problem.....

Wealth Ideas follow......

Here is another good reason to start a business. Maybe you don't want big money from you small biz, maybe you just need to save some tax money. Either way, whether you want to be big or small: take the following steps for your business to save thousands of dollars per year in taxes.

1. Get a business plan listing your plans and goals
2. Register your business with your local county clerk

3. Set up a business bank acct. ( I've gone over how to do this in prev. posts)

4. Use Professional stationary and business cards (dirt cheap on the Internet, Ive gone over where to find them in prev. posts)

5. Get company listing in your phone book

6. Advertise in papers, direct mail, fliers, etc to build customer lists

7. Keep accurate records and books

Wealth Ideas #1 (Metal Money) -hundreds per day!
This one I learned of from a man on our block. One day, we threw my daughter's old bed away to make room for her brand new one. She was excited because she was getting a queen size this time and she was looking forward to all the added space. She is a wild sleeper who often fell out of her former twin bed. After we threw her old bed out, I did not tell anyone else in the house but I was a tad concerned that the garbage men would not take it. It was sitting against the large fence in front of the house with the mattresses and all steel part that goes under to support the bed. The all metal poles went out last. As I tidied up the poles in the garbage can, I could feel eyes watching me. I looked up in time to see several men eyeing the things we had thrown out. I just figured they wanted the mattresses, although I don't know why anyone would want someone's discarded mattress. I knew people often took them. Well my suspicions were right. No sooner had I closed the door when I heard yelling in Spanish. I peeked through the front window and watched 2 of the men I had seen earlier fighting over the mattresses. While they augued over who had seen them first, a truck pulled up and a guy dressed in overalls, snatched up the railings and under bed support with the poles. The 2 men turned around and gave a scream as they realized he had taken the metal parts and tried to chase the truck down. My neighbor stood on his porch laughing at the scene while he sipped coffee. My curiosity got the better of me, and I came out to ask him why they wanted the stuff. "well,"

He told me "I guess they needed mattresses is my guess about the mattresses -but the metal fetches a damn good price! Just the bed parts, that man took just, will net him about 50.00!" I was stunned. "Are you serious? " I asked. "Sure" he told me. "I used to work at the metal shop on Clint Street for years" "You can even take old, small non running cars, Even a small car will get you about 500.00!" I was now shocked. I knew I had to tell you ladies that. For all of you who have old metal, especially large pieces of metal. Look in you phone book and look up metal centers. In some parts they are called recycling centers. and take all of your old outdated metal things and clean up at the bank. If you have an old car that is in danger of rusting into the ground, get paid to get rid of it. Also later I met a guy who told me that he makes 200.00 per day just by riding around the city close to garbage day and collecting all the metal and taking it away. He said his brother has an ad in the paper to haul old metal things away for free, and he has more calls than he can handle. If you have a pick up or know someone who does, and don't mind getting your hands dirty, this may be the perfect biz for you. You will need to dress in strong jeans and be prepared to work. But this business is def. doable, especially if you like outdoor work and lifting does not scare you. You can build this up with one or two helpers and make a killing in your city. Most people walk right past million dollar opportunities every day, decide now to open your lovely eyes and really see them...

Wealth Idea # 2 (Menus to success)

This is a very good business for those who are sociable and really like people. I did this business years ago when I was flat broke and needed to earn money to leave the state, and get away from my crazy Ex. I know how wonderful this business can be. Not only did it support me and my child when I only had 50.00 in seed capital to start it with, but when I fled the state, I sold it to a good friend for 15.000! That's how lucrative it had become in just 6 months! Now 15k may not sound like alot but I can tell you, it's a whole lot for a baby business, and it allowed me the freedom to heal and spend much needed time with my precious daughter. If you really like people and the idea of hard work turns your stomach-this may be the biz for you. The work is very easy and you'll be socializing more than anything else. This is how it works. I went to my favorite restaurant in town and offered them free menus. They happily accepted. I found out who some of their favorite regular customers were, and offered to place their advertisements on the menu for free. I did about 5 top customers for free because I needed a sample menu. I took it to a printer, had it laminated and took a few samples iwth me. I gave the printer 50.00 down and promised payment in two weeks. I remember being on pins and needles because I did not have the money. I was definitely stepping out on faith. I took the samples and showed several restaurants in the area. I offered them free menus as well, and talked about how would they like to see their best customers on the menu. This time, I went to see their customers and charged them 100.00 for a small ad and up to 250.00 for a double space front or center ad. I took type set copies of their ads and had the menus printed. I sold all the ad space in about a week. I had about 1500.00 after printing fees. I took this money and paid for my original menus and still had over 1000 left along with a lucrative business. This is a great biz for people who love to take lots of coffee brakes and make money simply by talking to people. The more the people like the restaurant to faster they will buy the ad space. I was truly shocked at how easy it was to sell the spaces. Many times I would simply mention the restaurant and they wanted a spot! The money is great! but probably the best thing about this business is that you will meet all kinds of people in your town. If you are the type who wants to meet the business people in your town, this is a great business to start. I met many handsome unmarried white men while I did this business. It was a bigger bonus than the money. But believe me the money is great! Here is how you get the customers. After you line up the restaurant, use the phone book to jar the owners memory about his customers. Then simply call and get an appointment. I can tell you from experience that when you get the appointment, you have an 85-90% chance of getting the sale. I did this business and I know what I am talking about. Just get the appointment, I was nervous, stuttering and totally inexperienced. and I still got 85-90% of all my appointments! You can do this. And after the first one it's much much easier. Pick a name for your biz. Mine was magic menus and I got business cards after my 2nd restaurant. Just make sure that you deliver because the restaurant's reputation is on the line (and yours too) and they do not want to look bad in front of their favorite customers. All you need to start this business is some menus done to show for example. Line up a popular restaurant in your town and use them as your example. This must be bonifide sample because people will call to check it out. This opportunity can easily make up to 2.000 every 2 weeks (that's what mine made anyway, you can definitely make more with more work) This is a fun business with no heavy hauling, lifting, or back breaking work involved. But remember you must be the sociable type. If you hate to meet new people this business will not be a good fit for you. But with commitment, you can make really good money in this biz. BTW, my friend who took over my old business, perfected it and makes 2500.00 per week!!! Twice what I was making and she constantly turns people away! She absolutely loves it! and has become super popular in her town as a bonus! --including meeting her rich white husband!!!!.....and here I thought I was good at it......

Wealth Idea #3 (little servers and a stripper)
This idea I came up with at a friend's house last summer. We were throwing a bridal shower for an old very religious friend. She was offended by everything traditional, and was extremely conservative. So we knew that a stripper would be out of the question, but we both felt the party needed some spice to it. We also needed servers for the party and did not want to waste alot of money hiring some. I came up with this clever little idea that anyone with a little initiative could turn into a thriving business. On the day of the party we arrived with our troop of little waitresses. I had taken about 5 of my little nieces given them 10.00 each for the day and dressed them in little maid costumes. They looked so cute. They all had on little black dresses, stocking, and tiny high, but flat heels. The bride absolutely loved them. Then after they served the meal, and everyone was relaxed, out came our little stripper. Except he was a little cousin of mine who only danced around and took off his shirt. The women loved him and filled his pockets with money. Everyone thought it was hilarious including the bride, who was happy we had respected her wishes. It ended up being one of the best bridal showers I have ever attended, and after that one I later found out that the kids had taken the idea, and rented themselves out as a package to several different parties, with my sister acting as their agent! Everybody seemed to love them! They served and stripped all over town! People thought they were so cute! The smaller kids are, the more money they will make at something like this obviously. as this is a novelty act. But they made a killing last summer and plan to do it again this summer. This is taking the initiative, why let a good idea die on the vine, you must be willing to breathe life into it, and get it going. It is always a good idea to get kids interested in entrepreneurial endeavors while they are young. Even if they want a traditional job, you want them to have the choice and the ability to invent a biz should anything happen. The job market is extremely volatile and unstable. The last thing anyone should do is depend on it! Encourage your children to come up with some of their own ideas and help them bring them to fruition. Encourage them to look for needs in their community and find ways to fill them....

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Beauty tip for the ladies:

(Zip the zits with a home remedy)

Did you know that many adult also suffer from pimples and the like? Here is a great tip, If you want to keep your skin free of bacteria that causes pimples, dead cells, and residue-try this:

Mix I tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar into a cup of warm water.

Pat this on your face with a clean cloth or a cotton ball. Apply this once per week and watch your skin clear up beautifully. The reason this works is because pimples cannot stand up to the acid in the vinegar and they die quickly. Pat your face gently and if you are pimple prone, wash your face more often and keep hair away from your face.
Natural Mask:
For skin that needs some tightening, use egg white. Simply take the egg white and gently apply it to the face. It will dry like a mask and get very tight, wash it off with a gentle cleanser after about 15-20 minutes. Your face will be smooth and tight...

Easy weight loss drinks"
1.   A glass of green tea with honey and cinnamon every night is known to clean impurities from the body and cause one to lose weight. The green tea is also great for clearing the skin and giving a radiance to the complexation. This is a simple way to lose weight however, you must not INCREASE caloric intake. You can hasten the weight lose by adding a half hour of exercise to your daily routine

2. Drink 2 is Braggs apple cider vinegar with a quarter lemon squeezed in. Make sure you use the vinegar with the 'mother' not just any will do. But this works great for cleaning out your system and causing one to begin losing weight. Some ppl are claiming to have lost up to 50lbs with this method!!!

Thank you all for tuning in -see you next post.....