Monday, August 14, 2017

Don't cry girl, that's what they want!!!

black girl cries, black men won't dance with her....   ,< click link

This video went viral, for one reason. This is what damaged, disrespectful, delinquent black men want to see! This young attractive woman would have done much better to cry into her pillow than let this mess be put on YT.  Now before you think I don't care about her, and I'm being harsh, let me just say, it's the opposite!  I DO CARE! and I hate that she's being made the butt of many bm's jokes as we speak. This young woman went to a Chris Brown concert, and really expected to find the kind of good, kind, self aware men, _ there, to dance with her. I could have told her to AVOID a CB concert at all costs. His fans are young, materialistic, misogynistic, color struck, usually black woman hating, disrespectful thug wannabees. I think she was tripping going there...

But the crazier part was to post her pain on YT. It's so sad to say that BW are NOT allowed to just be women.. You know to express the hurt and pain, the vulnerabilities etc. It's horrific the things that were being said about this young woman. They were calling her bald headed, ugly, black as tar, tranny, he/she, and all manner of vile filthy, undeserved names. This young woman OBVIOUSLY wanted a bm even though she has a biracial son. She's divorced and I suppose, she's  looking for someone to spend her life with (as most women are) I think she should forget about color and focus on the quality of the man.
There is NO reason a man HAS to be black, but there is no reason why he should not be, if he's a good man either! I definitely want to drive that point home, It's NOT about color, it's about LOVE! If you find a wonderful guy and he's what YOU are looking for, and he's also black, Girl have at it! If' he's white, Have at it, if he's paisley pink .... You get the idea. Look for GOOD MEN. His color is irrelevant!

I want for this young lady to get off her knees, The fact that this video went viral so fast, really bothers me. Many ppl LOVE to see a black woman with tears on her face. I hate the gleeful tone so many bm had on their sites. They ripped this young woman for no reason at all. They acted like she had no right to breathe air! I mean literally, they were like rabid animals, ready to rip her to shreds!
What it that about? Shouldn't someone crying in normal life, elicit some type of compassion in normal human beings? Why would anyone feel GIDDY and DELIGHTED? But it was so obvious, these men did. and then had the nerve to rip her for being very short haired. Oh, but if she had weave down her back, they would have a serious problem with that as well.. She would have been all types of hat hatted hooligans, and a weave wearing slut. etc. It just seems that a black woman is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. If it had been a white girl crying, I seriously doubt they would have the same reaction.. In fact I KNOW they wouldn't. I keep telling bw, that some (unfortunately many) bm hate us for making them black! They see us (oftentimes_ as the progenitor of their problems, because we are the WOMBS that made them black! A lot of bw don't believe this, I hope they don't find out under fire, that it's indeed true...

What this young girl needs to do, is write down the qualities that she is seeking in a man, and then find out where 'that type ' of man will be likely to hang out. She needs to frequent that spot, and very naturally strike up a conversation, and let nature take it's course.... Ladies please don't run after, cry after, beg after, men who (do not want you!!!") There are PLENTY of men in this world who absolutely adore bw! I see them on  love sites everyday talking about how they are afraid to approach bw, but always desired to date bw.... Stop coming from a scarcity mindset. When you feel like your resources are in short supply, studies show that you are likely to go into a state of fear and irrationality. You are likely to act like this young lady, cry because she saw bm dancing with everything but bw.  Or likely to scream, curse, yell, cry etc. Point being, you are likely to come off as desperate and out of control. You never want that. First of all men can smell desperation a mile away, and secondly. Your emotions are likely to be so chaotic and frazzled, that you won't be able to attract anything that you might want! Ie, you are likely to pull the garbage men, and you don't ever want them! It's so important to love yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable, but in a safe space. YT is not that space! Too many Vampires on YT ready, willing and able to suck the life out of a bw post haste!

She should focus on herself. doing things for herself, rewarding herself, and learning to love herself. Then the man problem, will take care of itself. It's always easiest to pull that which you do NOT NEED!! This includes, money, men etc! I would advise this girl to go places with friends and just have a good time,  but at the same time be very aware of the kind of man that she is looking for. I cannot imagine why she specifically wanted a bm anyway. Many of them are sooooo damaged and hateful! Esp. to darker skinned women. Why would anyone want to deal with that colorism, misogynism, and general disrespect anyway?  Go places where you are likely to find a HIGHER class of men. It's foolhardy to go to a CB concert and expect to meet anything but young color struck fools there. I totally sympathize with  her situations, but like I said. Don't air it for the damaged, deranged sect. Tell a good friend or family member.

Also, its important to keep in mind that SOME men will find you stunningly beautiful, and SOME won't. You cannot allow how OTHER ppl feel about you, determine how you feel about yourself! This young woman needs to recognize that she is lovely, worthy, and desirable. On the previous post, I went into detail of how to really learn to love and pamper, and treat yourself, Ladies please go read and utilize that advice. Please DO NOT go on YT and cry to the world about how you feel unloved and unworthy. Learn to love yourself and really just let your true self shine. YOU ARE ENOUGH! You don't need to be anyone else, you ARE enough..


Wealth ideas for the homebody...

1 Provide something they need...

You know you need to think outside the box in order to surpass the masses. There are always ppl chasing the gold rush, but what about the people who learned to provide the shovels, the pans, the separators? Levi Company made billions during the gold rush, by providing strong, sturdy, tough but reasonably priced jeans that could withstand the constant bending, grinding roughhousing that digging for gold, required...

You must learn to think like an entrepreneur. When you see a job that you might be interested in, think of ways to turn it into a business. Think of how you can provide things that ppl might need in their day to day lives. Then think of ways, you can get it to them. For instance,  a lot of ppl are concerned about crime nowadays, what about a mail order crime protection business. This is a great idea because everything you need can either be ordered wholesale, or you can have the company dropship (make sure you use a reputable company and that they actually DO dropship)  It's important to remember though, that YOUR NAME is on the company that you start up, so you never want to deal with cheap but unreliable outfits that might cheat your customers, and do irreparable harm to your business. But you can easily get this started by googling ( and then vetting) good companies that specialize in this field. Many will help you not only with advice, but also with promotional material. If you are looking to stay at home and do a business, this might be perfect for you. You can set your own hours ( speaking of hours ladies, the trick to having and growing your business is to have BUSINESS HOURS!!)  Set that time aside like you were at the office and work consistently! Don't let girlfriends drop in and coax you into a movie or lunch or anything else. In fact a better way to do it, is to have a allocated Business line, and ONLY allow customers to have it. Don't answer your personal line during business hours and you won't be tempted to stop and go off with friends. Also train your friends and family, that business hours are just that, for business. Now, I've said this before, but you can get a DBA in your state for less than 50.00 HOWEVER< only use this particular business structure until you get going! I can't emphasize that enough. Ladies, when you begin to make money (and you will if you are consistent) the snakes and greedy guts will come out of the woodwork trying to separate you from it. You must have protections in place or you could lose everything! Use the DBA only for start ups. As soon as you are able to afford it, get yourself to a good Atty who can draw up a more protective business entity for you...
Last note I will add on this, is to give a quick cautionary tale so that you guys understand what I'm talking about when I warn you about this.. This is a true story that happened when I lived in Tx years ago. There was a guy who lived in Belton Tx about 25 miles from me and my family. Anyway he was a business man and had been for a long time. (So he should have known better) He had a come and fix it type of business. He would go into homes and fix wash machines, dryers, dishwashers, and many other things. He was very talented and he even came out and fixed a TV for us one day... But anyway, what happened was as he became more and more popular, he hired men to do what he did. He forgot to change his business entity from sole proprietor DBA to a corporate structure or LLC. In fact the men he hired were not even bonded! So one day one of his men goes into a woman's home and raped her!! (turned out he was a criminal, and the proprietor had not even run a bg check on him!) So The woman was so traumatized that she spent 2 weeks in the hospital ( which her lawyer billed to the owner! and her husband hired the toughest law firm in town. So it goes to trial, and even though the rapist was arrested and charged, he was NOT SUED, the OWNER WAS! And he only had a DBA!!! The law firm won and he was ordered to pay the woman and her hubby nearly 4 million dollars in damages. with the cut throat law firm getting 1/3! You can imagine what happened next. They went after the owner like a swat team. He was fleeced, and lost everything he had worked for for over 20 years!!! So maybe that will make you understand why I say use the DBA only to start....

2.  Car Consignor

This next biz is great because it's so simple and most ppl will walk right by this oppty, and not give it a 2nd thought.  It works like this. There are always ppl looking to sell their cars. This is a business that will enable you to help them and have your own little lucrative business at the same time. What you do is this. You put up ads on bulletin boards, paper, online free ads, Craigslist etc. You say something like this:
"I will sell your car or truck (in good condition) at no cost to you.
Then you go to Walmart or staples and pick up some consignment sheets.. This is the key to your business, make sure this agreement is signed before you do anything.  When ppl call you, tell them that you will sell their car/truck on THEIR property! Find out how much they want for their car, and add in your 500.00 for your fees. If that makes it too expensive, let them know, their price has to come down. IF they could have sold their own car, they would have already. So they can either play ball, or sell their own car. Most ppl hate selling, keep this in mind... Then make sure they sign the agreement.  This is the key. Then you go to their car and give it a good cleaning, and a few details can make a big difference.  Then you place ads for cars for sale. keep a log book that will hold details of your customers and what they are looking for. Then when something comes in, you send a group text to your customers. Now this is what makes this system so beautiful. Ppl are so competitive by nature, that they always want what someone else has. This is the concept that make ebay billions! When you send a group text, it's like chumming the waters! The sharks will come out to feed! Your customers will fight to be the first to get that car!! You can build this into a huge  business, by getting a dealer's lic and going dealer auctions and actually buying the cars. IF you get them cheap enough ( and you can at these auctions) then you could clear up to 1500.00 profit per car!!!  Or even better, specialize in a certain type and really fix them up and make your mark and make very very good money in the process. I know someone who did this with vans. He got a dealer's lic and he and his partner would buy run down vans and customize them. they made 1000s per van and by the second yr, were clearing over 300.000 per year (but there were 2 of them, so that's 150 a piece.. But anyway, this can be a very lucrative business for the go getter... You can order a Kelly blue book at: P O box 19691  Irvine CA92713  1 714-770-7704

3. Find cheap houses!!!

You guys know how I feel about Real Estate. I think it's the best, most lucrative (for most ppl) and fastest way to become wealthy. So I've decided that the 3rd wealth idea, will always be about real estate... So lets begin. Did you know that when an elderly person goes into a nursing home, or assisted living, that they often take their home? They also charge exorbitant rates that most ppl simply cannot afford. What you can do is leave literature in senior centers, or bingo halls (bulletin boards in senior type places etc) You want to let the old ppl know they can sell their home to you on a fixed rate (low rate) that will give them ongoing income until they go into a nursing home (because the home will take the income) So say for instance Market value of rent is 1200, and you pay them 600 per month for their home, you can rent it out for MV and pocket the rest minus expenses. Or if it's in really bad condition, they can deed it to you and write off on taxes, and you can call one of the We buy houses ads in your city and get a few thousand for it quickly. There are just so many million dollar ideas that ppl walk past everyday. Ladies open up your pretty eyes and see all the wealth and oppty around you....

Some beauty tips for you brown beauties....

Now remember we talked about staying as close to natural as possible. The cosmetic companies do NOT have to tell you their ingredients anymore, and they can also have 99% garbage ingredients and 1% organic, and call themselves ORGANIC!!! So be very careful ladies...

So that's the reason I advocate the natural stuff so much. So I told you guys before you can clean your face with coconut oil, Olive oil, or even mustard oil...

For an deep pore clarifier, you can use sugar, salt or baking soda. Many women do not realize this and spend a fortune buying those masks with the little grains  in them. But what's in that mask? We no longer know. that's why I started making my own products, and my skin loves it!
So, like I said, you can clean and moisturize your skin with the oils above and clarify with the natural grains listed above.

Natural Acid wash, for the skin'

Did you know that milk has a natural acid in it? It's called lactic acid and it's known for improving the texture of the skin. As well as providing lots of vitamin D.  To use it, simply wash your face with a natural cleanser and blot with a clean cloth with milk on it.
This will naturally smooth, re texture and sooth the skin on your face/neck
Some substitutions for milk ( for ppl who are allergic_ are the following;

You can use Pineapple Juice
You can use Lemon Juice
 You can use Tomato
You can use Citrus fruits..

Natural skin toners

Rose water
Wheat grass and water mixed
Green tea (excellent)
Chamomile tea (great)

How to use; Simply 2 teaspoons with 1/2 cup of water. Then dab on freshly cleaned skin.
This will sooth irritated skin and go a long way toward healing small skin abrasions.
These are all natural solutions that will go a long way toward maintaining skin health without side effects like OTC skin products!
Whew! So this got a little long, and my 8 yr old is screaming for attention, so I'm going to say good night ladies.. thank you for tuning in, and plz comment so I know what you like and what you don't like... Thanks for turning in, see you next post...