Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to Reel the V type man in...

I'm sure you have all noticed that there are some women, who men will do anything for. You know the kind, men will laugh at their dumb jokes, follow them like puppies, spend obscene amounts of money to impress them or even leave wives and children for them. I will give you 2 salient examples: Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. These women knew exactly how to wrap men around their little fingers. Until he died Joe DiMaggio would not speak Marilyn's name because he loved her so much, that even her name was reverent to him. Author Miller (the writer) also fell so head over heels for her that he was unable to write a word for many, many years after her death- so bereaved was he! Cleopatra had herself snuggled in and delivered in a wrapped rug to Cesar and his court. She was an exiled queen, and had she been discovered by his guards, she would most certainly have faced death. Instead, when she rose from the covering and gave him her most coquettish smile, he was smitten and mesmerized, as was his court. Julius Cesar was a man who lived for warfare. He was so driven by the conquest of it, that nothing seemed able to keep him from war, which seemed to be his reason for being. Many, many women had tried to capture this great warrior. Women far more beautiful than Cleopatra, yet he had always grown tired of them, and returned to his first love, warfare. When Cleopatra came on the scene, He was so intrigued and hypnotised by her, that for the first time he allowed Rome to fall to ruins in his monstrous efforts to be with Cleopatra. So mesmerized was he, that he barely noticed his kingdom deteriorating before his eyes! After Cesar was murdered, Cleopatra did the same thing to Mark Anthony. He in fact left his brand new wife for her and completely forgot about his kingdom, and all spectre of his former life. Cleopatra had become his whole life.... People often think these women intrigued these men because they were beautiful, that could not be further from the truth. Cleopatra was actually purported to be quite plain in fact. Only men in love with her found her to be beautiful. Her real power lay in the fact that she knew how to seduce men into love with her. She was very much hated in Rome as she was a black Egyptian who easily seduced and captivated powerful white rulers. (which is why they hide her race on tv) These women had undeniable powers of attraction, there is no doubt about that. But what did they have that could turn men to mush and make them leave families and friends and even their most sacred obsessions? Well there are many things these women were doing but for comprehension sake, lets start with just one. I think we have all figured out by now that men are complicated creatures. For some strange reason, they never seem to want ANYTHING easy in their lives yet they seem more than willing to take the "easy" only to discard it later. They are truly a study of contradictions. They go to wars, and join police forces, climb mountains and put themselves in harms way in a thousand ways for the "thrill" or the complexity of the maneuver. Men love the complex. They quickly lose interest in the "easy" Neither Marilyn nor Cleopatra had "easy" ways about them they both had very complex personalities. Marilyn had the "little girl, seductress thing going on, and Cleopatra had a flip personality which was coquettish one moment and sullen, distant the next. Both played "roles" and both loved keep a man off balance. That being the key. We are not advocating for you to act like a nut or a fool. But you must change it up a little. never let him become complacent or bored. Let the different sides of you come out. Remain a challenge. Men are challenge seekers. There is a whole lot more to all of this but lets keep it simple and start with something quite basic.
Many of you have written to me asking for advice on love/meeting/marrying Mr Right. I will most certainly address these concerns. But first I would like to assess where most of you are right now with a short love quiz.
Read the following story (Bad Date ) and see if you can tell what the "problem" is with this date.
-answer coming soon.

BAD DATE.    ( Can you guess why they don't click?)
The night was dark and mysterious. Cynthia relaxed against the dark leather of the car seat and tried to get to know her blind date.
He had just pulled away from a mountain bluff and a sunset he had just had to see. He had stared at it as if mesmerized. Cynthia found herself equally mesmerized by him. He was a fine man! Dark hair sparkling gray eyes rugged features. " I could fall for you, so easily" she thought to herself. Paul turned to her. Every dark hair in place, clean cut, impeccable, his hand-made suit cut perfectly for his large body, he seemed almost too perfect, physically anyway. "you like the sunset?" he asked, suddenly. "oh, uh... sure-it's ok" Cynthia thought that was an odd question. " So what do you like about being a florist" he asked casually.
" oh well, I love how it makes people feel, you know they get so happy when they get flowers . They always smile sometimes they even cry and..." The look on his face caused her to trail off.
He was looking at her like she had lost it. " Interesting" was all he said. Cynthia felt like hitting him in the head. Why was it so hard to talk to him? She felt like she was pulling teeth! As they pulled up into the restaurant she tried to connect again.
"Why did you choose this restaurant? she asked, trying to lighten the tension between them. " He glanced down at her "look at it " he gestured at the beautiful French restaurant set atop a very expensive building and looking out on the water." a picture says a thousand words. It's simply breathtaking!" "oh... uh..yeah" was all Cynthia said. She actually would have preferred something more family oriented and less flashy, but she kept this information to herself.
As they entered, she noticed that everyone seemed to be catering to Paul. the maitre D almost knocked someone over to greet him and the wait staff and management alike seemed to act like fawning sycophants. she wondered what it must be like to live in that world where you had a lot of money and everyone was so smiling and fake. As they were seated she decided once again to try to engage him in conversation. She gestured to her new dress. "do you like it? it cost me a small fortune" she laughed. Paul glanced at her dress. it was a simple gray chiffon with the bodice cut lengthwise emphasizing her full bust and small waist, yet the color was a tad light for her skin tone. " the cut is very nice," he answered honestly "but the color is 2 shades too light, you're a winter and that was made for an autumn" Cynthia could feel her blood starting to boil! He was such a jerk! no wonder he was single -and she didn't care how fine or rich he was! Everything was going from bad to worse. She so regretted taking this blind date!
" you just don't mind being an asshole do you?" she finally snapped. He actually looked amused " was I an asshole-because I told you the truth!, tell me what else can't I be honest about" Cynthia exhaled hard. The waitress set the food down and backed away, even she could feel the tension. A moment later he gestured the girl back, " that looks way too red, I'm not a caveman" he snapped at her. But his eyes were locked on Cynthia's for the first time all night. "what's the problem here? " he finally asked, quietly. " Cynthia shook her head and shrugged helplessly. She felt like crying but she didn't know why. Plus, she was not about give this jerk the satisfaction of seeing it. His dark gray eyes seemed to study her for a moment, roaming over her dark skin, full lips and thick black hair. Then with unnerving boldness, he let them slide over gracefully over her body without leering, but with definite appreciation. She could tell he found her attractive, she had no idea why they were not connecting. It was the waitress who accidentally solved the mystery. Upon her return, she placed Paul's plate in front of him smiling, and obviously trying to earn a better tip. He barely noticed her but when he saw her bloody thumbprint in his plate, he erupted. "What the hell! do you think I can eat this damn food with your bloody thumbprint in my plate? " Now all I'm going to see is that nasty thumbprint-I don't think I can eat a damn thing!" The girl was all apologies, and on the brink of tears. She hurriedly took the plate away. Cynthia was starring at him, amazed, yet amused for the first time. She thought she had an inkling as to the problem. " what the hell are you laughing at? he raged, His voice began to rise "you think it's funny! She brings me a plate with a nasty ass thumbprint in it and you think-" Cynthia held up her hand, cutting him off. "I know, I know, the nasty ass thumbprint in your damn plate" Paul's face looked slightly red "no, you don't see where I'm coming from because it wasn't your plate!" That image almost made me sick..." His voice was rising once again. Everyone was starting to look their way. Cynthia knew she had to calm him down and fast. She rose half way up and pounded the table with her small fist. "you're right Paul," she said letting her voice grow louder by the second "it was gross and disgusting! My God a bloody thumbprint next to your food!" Now everyone was really turning their way. Paul stood and grabbed her arms pulling her back down "hey, hey, it's not that bad " he soothed. "it was an accident, that's all" his voice was back to normal and Cynthia let her voice come back down too. "Well just seeing it in that plate!" she said. "I mean looking at it-all bloody and-" Paul threw back his head and started to laugh. Cynthia stared at him a moment and then joined in. " you don't mind acting like a fool, do you " he asked. "no, I guess not, no more than you " she countered. He was quiet for a moment. "you know you really are beautiful in case I didn't tell you and you looked so sexy getting mad about my plate- that was too cute!" She smiled. A moment later a different waitress appeared with his meal and they had a great dinner. Paul was looking at her like he was seeing her for the first time. "I would love to see you again" he said quietly. I would love to see you too" Cynthia answered correctly.

Why was that the correct answer?

Why were Cynthia and Paul missing a connection at first?

Why was the conversation so strained?

Why did Cynthia start to emulate him, when he overreacted about the thumbprint? -and why was that the correct thing to do?

Why did he suddenly start to see her and become attracted? Do you know why? -find out soon.....   (next post)



Black women learn to sell via the INTERNET!!! It's the closest thing to a pot of gold you'll ever find!!

Lets talk about some great reasons to learn to sell on the internet. The main reason you should learn sot sell on the internet is because the internet is making more millionaires than any other medium in the last 50 yrs!!

The reason you should (MUST) learn to sell on the internet is because otherwise, you will have to see your time!! Do you ladies understand that you cannot AFFORD to keep selling your time? Time is the most precious commodity in the world, and is extremely finite. NO ONE can afford to keep selling their time. You must think outside the box. Think about it, if you work a job even at 25.00 per hour, and work 8 hrs per day, you are capped at 200.00 per day.
If you work a business, say you own a corner store. Now you ARE the boss and you are probably making a profit, but the problem is that you are forced to work often much more than 8 hours. Many business ppl work 12+ hours per day, and often work for several years WITHOUT seeing a profit!!! they must pay their employees, and expenses, and overhead (which can be overwhelming) and have very little to show for it. This is why business ppl are encouraged to have several years of savings in order to make it work, because they will often be in the red for several years before becoming profitable.

Most ppl cannot go several years without money, and this is why small businesses often fail. You cannot expect to become profitable quickly (EVER) in this module. In fact, even if you do become profitable after several years, you are still hindered by a MAJOR problem most businesses know all too well. It's called the HUMAN COMPONENT!  In order make the business grow, either you must be there all the time, or hire employees. Now employees present their own brand of horror. Every business knows about employee theft, employee time stealing, gossip, vicious rumors, destroying property in anger, constant call outs, Labor disputes, calling government officials for the slightest inkling etc. Many businesses are slow to hire and quick to fire for just this reason...

Employees, time, jobs, etc are uncontrollable variables. In order to live your life at the highest level, you must be able to control as many variables as possible. The greater your control in the area of financial  variables, the greater your income and life. Why is this because, think about this for a moment. Now above we talked about someone making 25 dollars per hour. This person probably thinks this is a good income. Now technically they may say I make 1000 per week, but 1k per week is NOT a good income. It's merely an ok income. I really wouldn't even call it ok, It's low. (esp after taxes!) But I understand SOME ppl think it's good, so that's why I used that number. But imagine instead of working like a dog for a lousy  grand a week, you sold ebooks on the net. Now suppose you made 25 profit per book (many ebooks make far greater profit than this) if you sold just 10 per day, you would make 250. and they could be downloaded, and you will still have the majority of your day to make another, or enjoy however you choose!!! Now let's say after taxes you make 1000 per week with your ebook. Now YOU control the variables! You can advertise in more places, You can put your ebook on Amazon (if it's good enough) you can create a capture page and get the email of everyone who buys your ebook and upsell them on another book!!! You can offer ppl a percentage of the profits to sell your book, you can put your book on certain sites (I will reveal in next post) that will market it for you, you can experiment with raising the price a bit and see if the market will bear it. Bottom line, NOW YOU CONTROL THE VARIABLES and now you are free to make as much as you want!!! Why? because you can put out more and more products!! You can make higher priced products!!! You can download your ebook, and print it off, and add a recording to it, and sell it as a KIT!!! Can you see now why the internet is untouchable??? It's incredible what you can do!!

I promise to get back to some of the ways to make money on the internet in a day or two, I wish I had time now, but we are on vaca, and hubby is screaming for me to come on.. I promise I will be home in a few days, and I will give you ladies some great ways to get started making money on the net'
I kind of promised it was going to be just us this trip so, I cannot do it right now, give me 2 days, and I will get back to you with some great info on this....

Easiest ways to make a great Ebook

You'll need a flycatcher page
 This is a page where you ask ppl what they want. for instance, you might offer to give them a free ebook if they tell you the main question they have in regards to __________________
For example; "I will give you a free book on high blood pressure, and how to natural bring it down if you tell me your number 1 question on HBP.

From there you take the top 12 questions and make each one the Title of a chapter. This way, you KNOW the questions are what your readers what your readers want to hear.
Then you research or pay someone else to, and answer the questions.
You can even hire someone to write the book for you. You can find these ppl at Elance,com
Guru.com  ContentDivas. com or VWorker.com...

And keep your eyes open for trends. You can cash in on a popular trend and make enough money to last for a decade or two!!! I know someone who paid less than 900 to have an ebook made /written for her, and she's been making over 22.000 per year from it for several years! Now I know 22k will NOT make one rich, but she could just as easily duplicate this and have 10!  Now do the math on that! When I asked her how come she didn't make more, she replied like a typical employee.
 " Oh well, I was just trying to supplement my paycheck, so I'm good"  Can you imagine being that blind, that you can't see that a few more good ebooks could ELIMINATE the need to keep working  for a paycheck? Oh well.... that's her choice, but just wanted to clue you ladies in...

Now you can drive traffic using Google AdWords, or social media to start. Soon it will be shared, and begin to attract ppl who are into what you offer.... Make sure to put a value on your book like 37.50, but sell it for less, so ppl know they are getting a bargain...

CD of the month club:

Another great internet biz is to do a cd of the month club. The beauty of this business, is that you can get such great content for free or nearly free! How by interviewing experts and  transcribing onto tapes all that great content for your readers.

You can do a different expert every month for whatever your product is about. Exp. Stock tips
You can interview stock experts and ask all the questions your readers want to know, and make it into an MP3 or cds etc. You can use Skpe and add visuals, and use a headset

You can record free interviews through www.freeconfercecall.com and download the call into an MP3 file. You can also hire someone to do all this for you. The beauty of hiring experts to do income producing work for you is that you can write it off on taxes (keep receipts )_ and money geared toward INCREASING MONEY is always a good idea.

Now you can hire experts at 100.00 a pop, some even less. Now say you created your cd of the month club, and you sold memberships for 20.00 per month. WITH JUST 200 PPL, YOUR INCOME IS NOW AT 4000.00 PER MONTH!!!! And that is for something so super easy to fulfill, it takes almost no time (after all the work has been done) it's crazy to go work a job and use your own puny energy and precious time, when you can sell something that can magnify your income and make more than you could ever make working at an hourly rate!!!

Ladies please understand that working for an hourly rate, is like trying to go to the store on a treadmill. You are walking faster and faster, but still in the same spot!!! This is why employees almost never get rich!!

Now say you add an ebook to your tape of the month club, and new you can take the tapes (together- with the ebook, and maybe even some email consulting and sell it as a KIT!!! Can you see that now you can sell it for over a 100.00, and now you need even less ppl to make the same 4000.00! Ladies, I'm telling you the internet is KING! You cannot go wrong learning to use it for your own financial freedom..
You can get your recordings transcribed at  IDictate.com or Elance. com
You can also do live webinars or teleseminars where you can communicate with your audience and really let them get to know you. The more they know you, the more they will trust you, and easier it will be to sell them. It's 7x easier to sell an existing customer, than to get a brand new one...
So I definitely wanted to give you guys a heads up, and you can find plenty of good books on Amazon.com for step by step instructions on how to build an online business....


So because of time constraints, going to give you ladies some quick beauty tips...

Glowing smooth skin..

 You can add powered milk to your bath for beautiful glowing skin. if you have dead skin that needs to be sloughed off, you can use rough wash cloths, or the colored dish scrubbers. You can buy these cheap at any grocery store. Now I'm talking about the light scrubbers (NON METAL!!!) don't even think about using metal scrubbers on your skin! But this technique of using a light scrubber is a model's secret to gorgeous smooth skin.. Just don't do it everyday, and be very gentle...

Hair that won't grow!

There is no hair that won't grow.  (unless the follicles are dead.) What usually happens is that ppl have damaged it so much that it breaks off, and APPEARS not to be growing. Ladies, keep it clean, and use all natural shampoos and conditioners. Here are  a few more tips to help make your hair grow thick and healthy

1. Lean over your bed daily and let your head hang low, this will send the blood to your scalp and done reg. will increase hair growth

2. Keep it clean, and conditioned and moisturized. You can use whip shea butter and mix it with coconut oil, olive oil and a few drop of peppermint oil to moisturize and increase growth. Now make sure you mix the peppermint with the other oils and NOT straight to scalp. But this homemade mixture is very very healthy and contains no additives, color, fragrance etc. You ladies have GOT to get the OTC jumk out of your bodys, and off your hair/skin! Be very careful of what you are putting on your skin/hair. Remember that the smoker patch is put on the skin for a reason, because the body will ABSORB it and will take it into the system...

3. Get a scalp massager for Amazon (the one with the battery) they are about 15.00 and use it! It will double your hair growth if you are diligent! Just gently do it about 10 minutes per day and you will be shocked at the increase in your hair growth!

4. Take vitamins, and drink plenty of water daily. This will not only increase hair growth but HEALTHY hair growth...

5. Use Jamaican castor oil and mix with whatever you use now, It will thicken and drive more hair growth..  I will give you more tips later, as I said DH is calling...

So I will get back to this post and add more a little later, but thanks for coming out ladies and see you soon...  PS answers to post will be on next post....